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With a. Again, into the Victorians commit to about that hot sun blackness because they said the African heads this shape allies yet Alimentos. Our off a lot of people being very intellectual when they say things like that. And I'm like. Because I made him legally something do go here yet. The reality. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna think of some for this young woman. But. But something that happens year happens in America and also happens when you go to different places as black person, we are still judging each other's blackness, always based on based on metrics. Honestly to my feeling were are really not as we've been are the same way that life West Indians will come to America. And then judge Latin Americans be like, you're lazy or this year. That is the same way. Like, but Americans delay the. But it was about the caravans the West Indies Africans vul-, I was me and a the African couple. It was wet you belong Britain because you'll the Africans Africa not Jewish the Jamaicans right nine me on Jonah Brixton, right? All right. Incident gallons visions of that. And you have like Americans will be like Africans are already edited of that that you'll have Atkins. It'll be like Americans are this, you know. And it's like, so what are we doing? What what are we doing? What post office in Peckham Brixton? Kuda? I remember this getting in the place of his queuing. This woman. Spending, man. Hateful africa. It was a. Yeah. I've never heard that before. Wow. Wow. Yes. It was. Is she said that she split to me off to his own from South Africa. Do. Look down. Here's the thing. I think that the other argument is well all white people don't have to get along like white. There's Irish people who didn't like talian Tian's in the British people who don't like there's English people who like low social wells, Billy Wright writing. So why are we expected? Exactly why why are we at a different standard? Why can't we have the same freedom to not like somebody from a different culture that they had? I'm gonna make the same history of other nice lot English. People talion villa snug. Come the personal Unimak dot do literally. I mean, not they England literally stole Scotland. I mean, I industry we got our smell, you know, It's. it's. Economic theft. But it is in a they smell differently. No, no, they do not if people notice. I'm here. But very joining. Outcomes. Hole. What people then take on braces? The agents it call. The Anglo Saxon. British rice, look, how a novel white rice ago, they smell that does not happen. I was we will do that. I'm of a different, but it is different expression. Because the British are culturally, the British are very much more pulled in you know, they're very much like did our labor. I have no problem saying that they smell they smell that food states basic ability to other white people do to India paying on out about me to other people that are Brown. So we're talking end. So basically where taking on the up yet fresh be resin. Yes. Yes. But Dominy handfuls idea of freedom is not about having a magic immigration. Kotova added reaction, why brush say fucking rage. Oh, my God introit overly. I mean, just this idea of like, I'm here tools. I'm here. This is my beach. Now, you know, this is. Ingredient in Cuba. That's everywhere this beach, I'm here. Now, you know, and they come with a sensitive. It's the same all like not. They're not many veal might they cleaned you decrease. You know, what I've been saying basically like I don't wanna hear about not all when most of our doing. Yes. So don't tell me. Like, I if I if I've seen more than I've seen less than. That's my experience like we can all getting getting tired of having to preface everything with. It's my theory. The is my experience..

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