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You want to believe Al Jazeera? Which isn't bad. I mean, I don't particularly trust them, but This is what they're reporting two hours ago. Leaders of the United States. United Kingdom. Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Japan may use the possibility of unified Official recognition. Or renewed sanctions to push the Taliban the Taliban to comply with pledges to respect women's rights and international relations, according to the Reuters report. I can't imagine that the Taliban will say whatever you want to hear. Until they get what they want. Lewis is in New Jersey. Lewis next on nights I go right ahead. Answer. Good evening. Good evening. You know what? We have a triple play here going on. In Afghanistan. We have Isis We have Al Qaeda and we have the Taliban. And you know something that as an American looking at what's going on over there? And how they treat people. Ah! We as a country here in America. Have Uh, what do you call lot that amassed? Many people from different nations within 400 years. Okay, we control or have most of The world's wealth. Not that that's something to brag about. But If these people over there could only open up their idea. To the fact that You know what? Maybe people should be free and they should have their own expressions. And what have you What would Afghanistan turn into? In terms of a, uh, destination for people to go and, you know, enjoy. Yeah. Uh, a trip. Well, I think I I think that you know, I think that what you're saying makes a lot of sense. But the folks who are in charge in Afghanistan Look at them. They clearly are something out of about the 13th century. And they want to take their country back to the 13th century. And we thought, Oh, maybe we'll be able to work something out with them. Mhm. Um, I hear what you're saying, Um, and certainly Vietnam has has bought that idea and Eastern Europe has bought the idea. I don't think we're going to be doing a club man at um and Afghanistan anytime soon. And the deep. The final thought here is 70 years ago. Wow. We were at war with Japan and Germany and other factions. Uh, we had the capability to come up with a nuclear bomb. Which we dropped on Japan. Which Truly Is her horrible thing. Yeah. However. At this point in time after 40 years of hijackings, terrorism and then what they did. In New York. Which Right after I graduated high school. I took a trip up there. And I walked below those towers. My grandfather was a chef. Harry M. Stevens incorporated. Which happened to be one of the oldest concession errors. I know Harry Yep. They used to be the cash concessionaire at Fenway Park. Absolutely. Yes, Yes. So I went up there because he told me about that, uh, windows of the world. The great restaurant restaurants on both towers, and both towers had daycare centers. Uh, After all that the and said You know? We fought with Japan and the rest of the world for Approximately for five years. Why is it that the United States does not? Get behind NATO and everybody else and say you know what? We need to nuke Yeah, no, the Middle East and we're not gonna do that. Great. I I know that. That is crazy. Kraut is absolutely crazy when we're not going to do that. I mean, it's just not within our DNA. We're not going to do that. What are you gonna do? Nuke nuke Kabul or something? I mean, come on. Who would you know? Who do you want to nuke Lewis? Yes. Look, if they did this, we were going to drop the bomb. Lewis, we're gonna drop the ball. What? Who are you going to nuke? Well, I'll tell you right now. Pakistan they have a bomb. No, I I get it. But I'm saying Who do you want to nuke? Who do you want to nuke? What city? It doesn't matter. Where, but just use it just so if they if they did that And he brought All of those medieval, uh, tribes back down to their knees and they made them think about what they have done. Hopefully Our prey fully. Maybe it would end But if we don't do something, Lewis, I always said Whatever your point of view, you're more than welcome. I'm just going to tell you that's not within the realm of reality. But what what city do you want to nuke? Just be curiosity. Have you picked the city yet? Or no? Yes. Well up to right now. If you had to pick a city it would be be between the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan so that the fallout Wait. You know, do what it has to do. Okay. All right. I mean, so what? We'll find some little village somewhere on the Pakistan Afghan border and we'll nuke it. Is that what you're telling me? Well, you know something? No, no, I get it. I get it. No. You know what? Lewis? Actually, I think I'm done for the night because I think I keep asking you questions. And you You're all right. Call again. We'll just think about it, though. Think about it overnight. Okay. Might over there. Thanks, Lewis. Have a great night. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. Ladies line is available. I mean, come on, going to nuke somebody at this point. 617931 10 30 Trump did use the mother of all bombs. Um, the so called Moab bomb that it was very effective. Going after, um The the Taliban and going after I should say, uh, Isis, uh, and al Qaeda. Uh, but a nuke? I don't think so. At this point at this point in time, I really don't think so. But we'll feel free to react. Join the conversation Coming back on Nightside. Hi Dan Nightside with Dan Ray on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Jay Farner here, CEO.

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