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Gdp is quite challenging complex and Let full of interpretation. And if i may ask you how would you put gdp in one word. Well when a. If i have to stick to that we'd be okay. One word and then describe why that one okay well i would summarize it To maybe two for me. It's really the way to manage risk and also to deal with risk perception. This is something known as pew. No they're really good. Nation is about yikes risk-based approach. You have to that f- protection impact analysis On a risky data processing. And then you have to get a lot of expertise. It legal process management. You have to define your purpose legal basis etc or a flow and then afterwards you're doing your risk evaluation. And then i think you have that risk. Perception on for people are really different depending on their experience Let's give me a example. If you have been victim of approve you will not have the same perception as someone. We dozing every day on social media and never had any bad experience so really respect. -ception people will say. Oh yes yes indeed. This is the risk and other people would say whether you coming with so when you have to do your validation you have to take also this into accounts because you need to even go with you. People say what are you talking about so this is really something important as debut managing risk but also the risk society because a lot of different people. Right i think diversity helps when it comes to escape lucians because risk is perceived to based on your background your technical knowledge your legal knowledge and your expedients fifth risk. And if you've gone to tend to be more risk averse sometimes but you need to have a balanced approach okay. And so in that case if it's all about risk management what does fit in privacy mean because in like we say. Health is god given that total hobbies eight and then fitnesses joyous whether you want to have fitness or not. What would fitness in privacy. Means what an organization perspective latte from span says the deal. I would say that to report on company culture was definitely something very important Unique to make sure that everyone is on board that everyone on the stand and everything but the other thing is Making sure that gdp principles are embedded in your purses Let me explain I really prefer to have instead of a nice really look. Good looking data protection process to have data protection principles embedded in each of the process of the company. Which means as a you. You need to really know the process of the company. You're working with by end to make sure that you work with press owners to check how you are going to put that protection in their own process. So it's release something working more smoothie and making sure that you have the protection of bitten everywhere in the mind of the in the process in the odds of the piffle provide. That's a very nice way of articulating. Put it in the culture and put it in the process and then it's easier to manage steer privacy so as a deep. Y'all what are the big challenges you observe. And of course i allowed to ask not just the dodgers but help us understand. How do you solve them. Because then our audiences not only can understand an associated with the challenge but also learn..

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