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Be difficult for you. Because you have three thousand four hundred fifty things to do. But i challenge you to put yourself i during this episode. Okay laura i am really excited to have you today to talk about this topic. I actually just wanted you period. Not only actually. Because i have heard a lot about you in victoria. I actually send a lot of people to you. when they're looking for a physio pelvic health physio and victoria and i found out that My husband went to school to physio school with you. So i reached out and kind of laura. What will you talk to me about. And this is something that you. This is a topic you picked. And it's perfect. Because we haven't covered yet and i can't help i'm gonna get you to tell us a little bit actually about yourself i because i think that's important for everyone to hear a bit about you. Who's laura yes sounds. Good thanks i you know. It's really cool. Because we were discussing before that you're from the statute and i was actually boarded china as well too. So very girl raised in calgary but went to uc four zero therapy and quickly after graduation. Well actually it was in the in the placements in the practicum where i did a women's health placement and it was mostly. Ub see rather sorry bc women's but there was some time shadowing in public practice which really sparked by interest and I just knew it right away. That's what i wanted to do. So shortly after graduation. I took some Level course and then trained with Marcy diane in vancouver and i will state that she She i i will recognize the contribution of marcy diane's contributions to the concept assessment and treatment methods and approaches for the presentation of vulgar Denia that's why trained with she's contributed to some of my knowledge and then i- i relocated relocated to victoria in two thousand fifteen and i worked at a clinic for five years and then i've recently branched out and opened up my own practice and have an associate were out in oak bay. It's it's it's wonderful. It's going really well ads. It's tremendously fulfilling work challenging and It takes a lot of of of energy. But it's lovely. Because i get to help. People help themselves with really difficult issues. That can be really life. Changing totally totally. So i think i'd love to. I'd like to first of all be able to kind of picture some of these listeners. Here and i know the they'll be some healthcare providers listening but there's also going to be a lot of patients listening and i can't help but picture some of these women that sit in the chair across from me in the office and say things like you know very sheepish. Look often and just I came i. I don't really know why is zero like It can't have sex or were. I like the thought of having. I've never been able to wear tampons..

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