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Still didn't call it off because he felt pressure from his parents who'd spend a lot of money preparing for the wedding letsie has the sun so he stuck with her daughter who did so you're married and he's working a bull repairs there at a christmas party uh work party michelle mcgann covenant caroline matthews so here we have the coming together the two families yes she had nothing good to say about either of them and darren understood why she didn't like kevin because he was crude entreated his wife badly but he didn't understand what she had against carroll who seemed to be the opposite of kevin just a nice eventempered woman in i think michelle liked a lot of winning right because she was no more into sleeping with guys i think michelle did mike any woman because it or be potential rivals as she related seem like she'd have sex with any man if you got a penis it's true against this ram odd it sounds pretty crude but you're right so michelle had an affair with a coworker of teheran's for the next three years until he was transferred to another store now during this affair daring and michelle were having a house built and they had a daughter shortly after they moved into the new house michelle came up pregnant again now dare knew for sure that this pregnancy was in his and they discussed the financial stress they were under and michelle agreed to get an abortion so she had an abortion proof because things were getting worse at home much worse and show them work virtues shuzo izaskun darren for more spending money and he was doing this given of the money just for the sake of their children he wanted the family to stay together yes so this is the point where he starts getting uh young hostile new drink pretty heavily got caught drinking and driving in march two thousand so he's word in the journal loses job so he went to kevin matthews the next day who was now his regional manager and darren thinks it may be kevin can help him and in fact he did he put in a good word for darren and somehow down kept his job he was his driver's license for six months and became independent on michelle for.

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