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Quarterback in an inside hand off on a little so when rain looked goofball an day dave vigilant gets his first career touch and the bdnf yard if that got back to the line of scrimmage date also coming back from a knee injury in there and he had the ah the dislocated patella look good before the injury but very fast uprooted by michigan's yeah yeah that's a long ruin back then he won't even tougher than the acl and the killies of the other than the now is even in a longer than the aci but that the patella tendon with two covering urban did is a significantly longer recovery the aco shotgun snap but an inside hand up to kim trail moran a moran powers for a first down to the twenty one yard line thriller rain is in the books in a logo for staff put them in their ranks had got dating they got can throw it got out i you know bodies coming out of everywhere but again the big guys up front opening up a holes in the local runningbacks continue into takes boy those are holes follow right the locals qb coach said that to block it to you already naturally is very good on them nash because he has such long arms stay there for effort before either polls or gives adding to the deception that lobo triple pronged option he looks like a ball player to me i just when you look at him it looks like a quarterback and uh see what he can do for wctc move for the.

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