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Lau george tan may oh yes the rednet yacht club of love it i love it when we used to go to the sandbar there warrior river of so much fun another like in the summertime out on the boat in alabama on the rivers down on the redneck riviera yes rednet yet globe love it so as we come back before the break i welcome back reliable nicole chaos com heating and air studio alabama license number one eleven twenty talking about the oh j simpson hearing being streamed live on espn on thursday and that's going to be at one o'clock eastern which is twelve o'clock central andrea we can carry the oj simpson parole hearing on this program we will cover it minute by minute that will on joy so let's go round the table here who thinks oj gets parole hold on thursday we'll start with you andrea i say no no date what about you know let's go to a trip over there what do you think yeah you know though i say yes i think oj gets parole thursday i do i'm case of three it's three against one so that means were not taken it and we're not covering uncover and you're going to take out for lunch how's it that's all right that's right okay fine let go a fair wager that's not a bet it's a waiter because it's illegal the bet um so it's a wager so if i'm right you guys by my wants thursday if i'm wrong you buy your lunch on on their no no i don't think we didn't catch come on all right we could the democrat the wager is for the favorite taken place that liberals we'll go there i'm keeping a cheap yoko ono there where we're going to bush accomplice just ate chicken place djt wants a detail okay yeah yeah yeah okay i think oh jacobs parole i was what are the listeners the eight six six five five one nine nine three three should o j b paroled maybe the bigger question is will espn loose more when they do this move when they cover it what are they doing this is not doing this is not a court revisit not quell the no right.

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