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Talking to me today. podcast they're your new favorite thing, and you can't get enough of them were all in lockdown? And what are you going to do while you stare blankly at your wall? Listen to more podcasts. You know where you can hear some great shows. On the apocalypse podcast network that's right. We have a network with tons of shows from people that are creating really amazing content during these fucking weird ass times when have teach be something, goodbye, koruna, Tato, correctly mistaken by Wesley Cherry and so many more fall in love with another podcast. Good Apocalypse PODCAST NETWORK DOT COM. Thank you, Travis for talking to me about queuing on. I don't know how you put up with the constant information or misinformation, should I say Tim Heidegger was actually on the latest episode of Cunanan Anonymous, and they talk about the thing that we briefly mentioned in our conversation about the K.. W. Williams twitter account. It's a really great episode. A really good interview with Tim Heidegger again Tim. Heidegger of Tim and Eric and adult swim fame. So check out their latest episode and you'll fall in love with the show. If you're really interested in what this in on conspiracy theory is all about I will have links to Cunanan. Anonymous Dot Com in the show notes. Make sure you follow Travis at Travis, underscore view on twitter and follow at Q. Anon- anonymous on twitter, so you can get the latest episodes from the podcast, and before we go I want to talk to the Hugh and honor who has made it this far into the.

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