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And i'm surprised and shocked and appalled did not huge in the news i who use trump term um because it is far as we know for the aged reagan we could have had all the elections could have been rigged we don't know now wait are now i'd i'd really like to know why i we can't get light a fire under dish dumb in some way we need to we we can't get back to jefferson ian french goals unless we have accurate invalid elections yeah it's going to take it's going to take the democratic party taking this on as long as the democratic party continues to pretend that there's no problem with his voting machines and they are continuing to pretend that i mean you know it's uh on this program for years bernie sanders has been calling for returned to paper and and i agree with that um and congressman pochana's said you know let's get back to paper and let's talk about opensource stuff but but you know there are few and far between the democratic party of the official position is not to have a position and as far as i know it i think that that is is frankly harming the pa thirty it's harming our democracy uh day iv when you look at the redshift that really started showing up in '98 in the election in '98 we first started seeing light 'electronic body machine showing up in big numbers in ninety six in a ninety eight in in two thousand and then of course you had to help america vote act in two thousand two that the transfer of the six point five billion dollars as i recall on ninety five point six billion but anyhow hold pile of money to the states specifically to by voting machines from private fourth rafa companies privatized or vote pj at long just absolutely wrong and the don siegelman election in alabama used him he is one of the best examples left pj thanks for the call we'll be right back.

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