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First season Classic Episode Diversity Day written by the Great Bijan Novak I remember the rim. He loved this idea Greg Love. This idea of Michael Scott offending all these people, but it's like it's. It's kind of the funniest version of it when there's some minority people there to who can get extra offended so at that time I think it just made sense to have another minority person and I was like. I'll do it I actually. I did volunteer. He's like he's I had two lines in that episode and he's A. Do you WanNa be of course in so Diversity Day Yeah Thank Heavens. That was the second episode because then that guest starred then. I think maybe once or twice that first season I wasn't very much, and then second season was like I sort of saw more lines, and yes, that's how it happened. What blew me away? Mindy is when I think back on that and I was I was sort of reading back on wikipedia about all of us, and where we're at in our lives at that time, and you were twenty four. And that blows my mind your. You had your act together to me for someone at twenty four. You! You're amazing. 'cause at twenty four. I was I. Think I was doing takeout at Shenzhen's. I wasn't a waiter was just doing a hostess job. Do you know? If. They'll thank you for saying that. I mean I. Love to feel like I was a wonder can, but you know what it is is that it's just the life of a writer comedy writer in the life of an actor, or they're just so they're so different. Right like it's so I. It's very hard to break into comedy writing, but I do think that is easier than breaking into acting. Because if you can write, you can write your opportunities and write a Spec script that you know then you can use in. Send out whereas like when you're young actor. You're like I just hope someone calls me in to see something, so thank you for saying that. But you know it also. It felt less special because BJ's there. He was the same age he'd already written on a show at twenty four. So it's just what I was like. Oh, I guess I'm young in cool? He was like Oh. Yeah, already worked on, he was on a Bob, Saggy Sitcom, and make sure was like twenty eight in already had like an emmy and bidded SNL for nine years or something crazy so. There was no sense of Lake. You could ever think you were special or like ahead of the curve or anything like that with aggravated people will I always thought you were special. Thank you, thanks Angela. Are should. We get into this episode? John Yes! Did you get a chance to rewatch it? Yes, dead! What was it like for you to?.

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