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And you don't see most of the dominant players that would acquiesce immediately and realized this is better for his career all right so there's something i want to say about michael bennett before i just want you to expand on one thing real quick you mentioned adding a guy like hello de nada to locker room i the one of the things interesting talking football with you is you have a better handle on who these guys are inside a locker room then people that then people that don't know the players whole od nod is a guy that to ccomplish a ton in this league a guy that's been a champion in this league he is he now is also going to a place where he's not going to be featured where he is going to maybe a one down lineman for them you like him in that locker room why the reason why it helps free up linebackers i didn't think they had great linebacker play i believe jordan hicks back they'll have more speed there hello to not reason why no about hello de nada because what ray lewis told me about what he meant for his game late in his career he is a no nonsense doesn't say three or four words has a smile on his face comes to work everyday would a lunch sale now philadelphia their team that right now they don't need distractions they need guys to build a fit in and buying the what they're doing that's what new england of guys come there they forget what their goals are and they buy into what they're trying to do and getting that type of guy with been added to that locker room that is a great locker room already with jim schwartz to me they're just building on the success that they had in two thousand seventeen how much fun would it be as delight to be part of that rotation or it'd be awesome now a couple of guys that's on philadelphia eagles team i had the honor of being able to play with hello tanada.

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