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Thursday night of the draft? Roger Goodell goes to the podium and we still don't know. Who the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers first overall is going to be? I think that everybody else might not know, but I think that quarterback will know. I'm just going to reference what kind of took place with the Joe burrow situation. The Cincinnati Bengals, once they knew, it became preparation time for that quarterback. You're going to come into camp, and we're going to start preparing you now before the draft. I think that that quarterback will know and the people in that quarterbacks camp will know leading up to it because they're going to start the process of, look, instead of us doing meetings to keep asking questions about you, let's start talking ball. Okay. So then let me just do something for me here. Can you tell Stroud and tell Bryce young to tell their camps to just keep their mouth shut? I want complete total lack of knowledge. I want, but you think the Panthers will have obviously the name will be on the card, but that kid is going to be sitting in the green room, not nervous at all. I mean, to me, I would assume just because, but I mean, look, the heck if I know, you know, like I'm taking a guess because if I was in that position and I knew the week going into it that I knew who I was going to take, I would want to take that extra week because time is so limited now. Coaches have such a limited window to work with guys in the off season. There's so many restrictions. Every new CBA that happens, it's less and less time for coaches to be with the player. So, man, start the process as soon as you can. Once you know, start installing start talking ball, start learning your guy. Thanks, John. Thanks. Wrestling fans. Feel the podcast heat. Join Hall of Fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past. Click this. What kind of Nash? I'm in the ring in my mind saying that's Hulk Hogan. Like Hogan's with us. And insights on what's happening now. Strictly business with Eric Bischoff, love breaking down the business of the wrestling business. Mike Molly, Jake, the snake Roberts, good old JR and more. Get into the WrestleMania spirit, just search podcast heat. Wherever you listen

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