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Hold a pilot and one passenger. So oftentimes your flying into remote hunting locations in Alaska, you're getting st- you get staged up somewhere on some remote, large airstrip and then use superclubs to do the last little leg of bringing you in. That's fairly common. Yeah. Be from strip along the highway somewhere to, you know, the hall road or one of the, you know. Our highways around the state. We've done that before too, where we driven do a place and had a plane, meet us there and shuttle us in, you know, that's closer to the Hutton's spot than, say, Anchorage or Fairbanks over the pilots coming from yet or gets elaborate like there's a, there's a anywhere you haunting if you're hunting like the western Brooks range. So basically up toward the portions of Alaska that seem to be. Looking over into Siberia. There's a area there you go to Fairbanks drive up to lake. No strip. Drive up to a strip or Alaska pipeline rooms onto some at one air carry that we've used the hunt caribou, you drive up to an actual strip isn't a strip. So landing place. Get on a plane there in go land at another strip in a Bush community in like an off the grid community, and they're gonna float plane and take the float plane to go land up on lakes up in the Cariboo country in in the North Slope tons of different configurations, or we've also hunted sheet where you load your stuff from your truck into super Kaban. Yeah, flap in that too. But this particular area is a little bit of a hall and bigger like a greater distance than you're gonna cover efficiently in in superclubs. So we flew out to a remote military airstrip. Do we name that one? Not yet. No. Shelby. Remove military airstrip. It's not military. I think it was built by Bill by the military outs could retain gravel strip. There's a lot of those in Alaska. Yeah, they're scattered around. Yeah, for sure. We fly in air all six of it. So we got two hundreds and four guys in our crew. We've, we fly out to this strip and it's like a real hub of activity because it's a big enough airstrip do you can get big aircraft in there and bring in quad runners, side-by-side, 's, all manner of vehicles. And then there's an elaborate road network that leads out here. And so it's like a place to. Fly in stuff set up a camp and then cruise around like on this whole isolated road network trail network crews, Ron hunt this vast area like like moose care. Boo country. I got a quick question is that is that road system attached to anything? If you were. Wanting to drive in or is it totally independent outside of that era, dramatic Nautica mountain. I think they'll Alaska rant because on the other side of the Alaska range. Right dangerous. Yeah, you couldn't dry right there. I mean, you get snow machine there in the winter. Yeah, but there's not as not rose, not a row. So people come in there in large aircraft sometimes in the confli and stuff like we just had..

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