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Nothing. Hong All hangers on her own and I was so angry and and it was the best thing I could ride. Yes thing I could have done. It was really does that out so she she's just a and not only that you and she really got it out just now. You don't quiet and then you know that emotion just skill Donau is free being you know not only to the person that directly Lee who maybe has caused some injury and really it is the the undercurrent of scarring. That's emotional scarring. That happens over. We're all my God you're talking about you never what do you think happens. What happens to scarring over a period of years? It becomes tissue. That you've been through Russian exactly someplace. That's a little bit weaker in your body right more compromise to your body right. It's my neat when all right I'm glad so badly every now and then let you have to take you know be very mindful that is that is incredible incredible. Thank you all right. That's all I think. Just you know. Just the release of it in even. That's why it was important to me to share with you guys awful. I never even had a chance to have a conversation with time you about last night because because I meant to ask him before I will. It was due early. Have meant as even last night jump up to hear me. Screaming is like but you know I felt like I needed to handle that like immediately and then sometimes when you're so used to being by yourself you know you never think that not one. You know to frighten anybody but you never think that maybe in the moment if you have an opportunity to release that they always feel they have to take care. Thanks because I'm so you know Self sufficient but so you know to a point that sometimes to fall. You don't know how to ask if you need help to open up in tell somebody no right or even I'd say no but we know that when you're in those vulnerable we have to learn these things about herself and when we do usually at a time that something traumatizing is in having woken us up and say you know you hold too much in or you need to do this in but anyway I just felt like I had is like well even on a spiritual level where at times I should probably contact somebody that I entrust in a spiritual way our church or whatever you know whomever it now and reach out but our moment it's like you take care of this right now and then going back to sleep you and God is there's always remember saw their moments when you can says Jesus it and that's all you gotta say Yeah Yeah that all of it legal for you protect your job you give me discernment strike and whatever whatever you need and the time because I but I know what you mean because I have sleep apnea well yeah and so when the mayor I I said let me sleep. Beware Mass I tried. That math. Didn't work for me. Lena you have to out is the didn't are but you have to do is is is critical because you know sleep apnea can lead to dementia early and also wargin damage so getting that oxygen in your debt. Oxygen cutting off in in the middle night. It's not a good thing so don't take it lightly. Seriously you don't that you may be uncomfortable but keep trying different ones it out because I I know I mean I've had people say I thought you stopped breathing. I'm like I brought will he. Did you know I mean you know what we shared a hotel room room stuffing for life. I take you know what I did was in a row and because house of that you know I say Lauren and saying your hands. Yeah I go to sleep. That's you know is in the hands so I always praying and I think that that will. I'm just before you go to bed early to cover your you sleep. Oh absolutely sure who money. Yes indeed honey renee eighteen. Every night. I do I do that. It's just automatic for me. Not only that also in the morning Break Korea as you think about keeping awake little traumatic for you.

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