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And we wanted to get tickets to see book of Mormon and he I, I worked in midtown. So he was like go to midtown and get the tickets and he was willing to pay a lot of money. So go into the box office and bought the tickets. But then I see all these people sleeping on the sidewalk. And I know that, that's part of like the fun of Broadway. And like you know, getting in last minute, but I'm like you should be sleeping on the damn sidewalk. In ninety five degree weather to see book of Mormon belongers. I've waited in a line was an hour at it was called, and it was to see the original run of spring awakening, but I was, you know college, College too. to go there in the morning job, you're never seen Hamel, you know, if you have a job that isn't paying a lot of money you're never seen that. So I think that I like the idea of also then especially with Hamilton all these people talking about a show, they'd never seen. So was like, no one needs that I was thinking about that too just because of the opening James corden, you know, seeing it's the song was it's live. You know, like you have to live like Broadway shows trend. I mean, it reminds me of when we had Jeremy Harrison, the show at everyone sort of, like talking about sleigh play online, and they were like, I'm writing thank pieces, or here's a long thread, but it's also like thick what you what about the play, but a lot of live in New York, and you're just sort of going off of reviews or like a description, and I'm like, oh, wouldn't it be novel to be able to view something and then come up with a solid critique of y you know, like? And I think that, you know, there's probably a younger generation of playwrights now who would really love their work being more accessible to people, you know, and obviously, there's the complaint that, you know, Broadway is now, hey, one point eight billion dollar industry now is that going to knock money out of Broadway by digitizing it. I don't know. I don't think it will be honest. I don't think the type of person I ever seen is gonna pay three hundred dollars for a ticket is not going to settle for going and watching it at home in their computer that same person is still going to go buy ticket, and go to the show. It's now just if anything I feel it's expanding the viewership I don't think I think people who, like doing it. People who are on vacation, people who came to New York to do this. I don't think they're going to. I don't think they're going to say, I haven't alternative now. We're done. I don't think there's university, which you see a recording of musical you love. And then then don't think I'm going to see it now. By albums, and then go to concerts sports on TV and then still buy tickets to go to game. So I do still make it to the movies to see, like fucking endgame or something. You know, like there's just something fun about going to the theater sitting down and watching a show. And wondering about the backstage drama on an and if people are still coming out like it's my high school production of witness for the prosecution. November two thousand three you wanna see some subtext look up my yearbook. All right. Well mine, just usually involve me watching my nemesis, who I will not name be cast in the lead in many of our shows, and I was too busy. Getting the leads that was the problem with me. You and your black face. That's right. Would we're back. We'll be joined by icon, Regina hall. Probably don't realize it. But the average American blast. There is what bright screens for eleven hours a day, eleven hours a day. I'm not even awake for eleven hours a day, John and get it still trail. Well now yum. Then. Then you think about what you do all day, and it doesn't seem so crazy. The fact is you can't stop looking at screens, but you can protect your eyes with a pair of Felix gray, glasses that are available with or without a prescription..

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