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The nasdaq is up seventy nine at eighty four seventy two and the S. and P. is up nineteen at twenty eight oh two let's take a look at the roadways and check in with any longer all right Jane we do have actually pretty good right cheap enough you spell ninety four seventeen minutes to get from I was sixteen and a downtown same thing on the westbound side forty one south on highway two to the zoo that will be about fifteen minutes south on forty three broad eroded Marquette that's going to take about twelve minutes and then the north bound by pass between the hill and the zoo five minutes the traffic and weather together on the dance I'm Debbie logica WTMJ politically by dot com time saver traffic traffic is sponsored by holiday automotive in Fonda lack Constantine holiday to keep us all moving forward Greg manse here for holiday Ford in fondle lack common team holiday to help us all move forward together to a better healthier tomorrow online at Holliday Ford USA dot the W. C. and a five day forecast sunny to partly cloudy today high forty five cloudy tonight chance of light snow maybe up to an inch to our south the low thirty two tomorrow is the morning light snow possible to our south and you can be partly cloudy with a high forty five Saturdays a beauty partly cloudy breezy and mild fifty eight slight chance for a morning shower on Sunday otherwise partly cloudy fifty four and Monday partly cloudy with a high fifty one in Appleton it's twenty seven degrees in Franklin thirty one in Milwaukee we are at thirty five degrees I'm Janette there newsradio WTMJ at Ericsson's landscape supply will get you the most fieldstone flagstone decorative stone you need to place your order by phone it will drop it off right where you tell us to win will be on your way so you can get right to it some people will be off work and we know you'll want something to do so just call Kay at two six two eight seven eight fifty four twenty for fast ordering and quick delivery Ericsson's landscape supply high quality mulch and stone for a whole lot less commercial residential visit Ericsson's landscape supply dot com to see our entire selection do you want the economy mulch or the premium the only real difference is that the premium mulch has thicker strands well the economy multis finer but the color into use for both is of the highest quality.

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