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Youtube channel showed goto espn afc subscribed. Poker is just twelve months left on his contract at manchester united and reports of resurface about being interested in getting the french international. You take a look at this. Possible stalling. eleven. I'll tell you what it's not bad. Is it considering the business that already made this summer will now. No of course. Akina reynolds donna room. Oh all coming in in. If you'll manchester united when you say at least get some money for him and let him go or do you wait until contract runs down next summer. Don't think he's going to go. But you can see why that might be an enticing proposition. Because he's never gonna be worth this kind of money again. He said a good european championships Bottomline we've said time and again on this program. It's it's not an opinion. This established fact. He's far better in the blue shirt of france than he is. Usually in. The red shirt of matches do not. He suddenly had his moments last year. I remember coming on. And they brought their way out in the rope league melon and then he changed the game. They brought him on they. They played mostly. You might remember on the left not in central midfield out on the left of a three. That's where he seemed to be most effective as the season wore on last year. So i think if i was manchester united i've looked at it and say has he really come off as a big signing for us or do we bite the bullet here and cash. I think they can cash in. They've already paid for sancho this tool that they might try and get leon gerrad ska which seems to have a habit of a fly. But i've heard that mentioned from buying munich. Because i think his contract is moving towards his end so he might give them a little more driving dynamism through the midfield and maybe a few more goals as well. So i mean it's not my decision but you could see it might make sense if night well. It's a tough one because is deal that you're going to need them if you're going to challenge the in lover and chelsea however it's going to be is not delivered over the period of a season for the united not only had event during a costumer season. He could help. That's not good enough long. Tim if he for some money then you're going have to at least bring some the and because they are not on that is they have no. I'm not good enough. We ended the i. Think if you've got a long term view united. I think he'd take the money for what you can get an and get your bitcoin honest how hard you push ups g again. If you've got the money you right. I think he's pretty simple for. Ps she. i think is is. The symbol of this comes on polish choice. I would he not take the hands off rights. But i'm always saying you can't keep on. You can't let your best players go if you want to get anywhere right. I usually say that. But i'm finding that how to disagree craig. You know you're not hundred percent. Sure every time when he steps on the field that you're going to get the paul that you want and need and so somebody's dangling money one hundred mil and he could walk at the end of the year and what you probably will. I think you'd have to take it from a perspective if they get him and obviously we show that graphic before. That's quite formidable. Eleven.

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