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I gotTa do feel that a little bit. So here's something else I wanted to say. Now is the time to contact your creditors and see what kind of breaks they might be willing to give you. Because I'm going to suggest and I'm going to try and get someone from a bank or someone in crediting on the show at some point but I'm gonNA suggest they don't want to own your practice. They don't they. Don't WanNa repossess your practice gazillion. They gotta do something with it. You know I don't think it like if we're if we're really cash strapped for awhile. My guess is that a lot of those banks a lot of people that own your own. Your debt are probably going to be pretty reasonable at this time. What do you think about that aspect to my banker? Yesterday I've got two different loans to practice loans with a local bank And I called and spoke to him yesterday and he he was even saying look. You know we're kind of drinking from the fire. Hose right now to This is not the industry that's being affected They're they're trying to figure it out but he's going to defer my principal payments on loans for for a couple of months and have to make interest only pay payments and then Tack it on at the end of the loan. So it's not sure how perfect but it's it's it's a lot better than But nothing Well yeah the way. It is right now to figure that like just hanging onto cash as much as possible at this point is what everyone's going to try and do makes it makes sense. Because you know I don't know the the idea of. I think there's GonNa be a lot of creditors that are pretty willing to look at stuff. So if you literally hadn't thought of that or you're not sure I don't think anyone's GonNa hold it against you if you call and ask or defer something because I think now is the time everyone realizes that my Nio know enough about what what has been passed in Congress and I don't know enough about what's going on there but I know that I know that everyone's kind of looking at this is all businesses are being hit on some level. I will say the grocery business right. Now it's a good time to be a grocery I would say but I think a lot of these businesses are being hit and so I think now is probably the time to talk to your creditors in see. What if any if any you know any slack can be cut at this point? I'm glad that I'm glad to hear that you did that. I I honestly haven't done that yet. I'm going to do that On my on my building anyhow just to see if I can. I can keep some cash free so donate it. Yeah so okay Jason. I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA switch around a little bit like everyone sorta going through this at same time. We're going have a lot of time on our hands and and frankly doing a podcast is good because we can work on. Podcast we can interview. We can do stuff like give. What other stuff. Are you gonNA do outside of seeing dental emergencies to keep productive her? Keep busy or keep you know are you. Are you just going to curl up in your bed and cry or are you going to have you? Have you thought things you WANNA do? Tell me about that. I'm probably going to get the team in the office Next week to clean a little bit and kind of organize and just get through that and do that as as much as possible. just try to be productive Work on some marketing stuff like a posted in and they don't ask station yesterday. Probably be a good time to start recording videos for your practice You can take pictures. get on your Google your local google account as start posting pictures. Google my business account Just making content. If you needed these something that's productive. Just get out and just make content If if there is some creative dennis out there looking for our cash stream. Maybe take some dental pictures and sell them. Put them out there if you're if you're if content creation is your thing man that might be now might be a good time to to if other people aren't GonNa do it. You could kind of do stuff for agree good idea. So there's people are going to be clever and come up with different ways to to make money I I like to have side gigs. That are that are beneficial to the industry and not dragging. Did the industry down So there's GonNa be ways that people are going to people are gonNA make money Through all this. And it's GonNa be interesting to see what people come up with a I was thinking of starting A CBD mouth spray thinking. I'm thinking that my goal is really expensive. Like insane. League's going back is that that's sounds that makes people one of the more yup thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers. So I have been exercising more. I actually started running last week for the first time. I'm I was thinking about not but I did in what what when AL is. Running doesn't look much like when you think of someone who's a runner. I do a fair amount of running and walking but I'm I'm doing better and better each day and I I am. My weight is as low as it's been since about two thousand five right now so Which is not a bad thing for a dude like me so I'm going to spend some time. Keep an active as much as I can. I thought about it on this morning. I've been talking about putting together. These chart templates in this little piece of software. I literally talked on the podcast multiple times and I still. It's always such a great idea. Never sit down and do it and I fear may have enough time now that I will actually do it. It's called the it's called text expanders. It's really it's it's really flexible and it works on any kind of computer you might have. It's very cool and you could literally create a chart note with just a few key strokes and like outside of outside of your software. I know that most softwares have a template situation like that. I was thinking of doing it outside of that. We'll see I don't know but I'm I'm kind of If anyone's interested in hearing about the seeing that software actually started a facebook group but a thousand years ago with with talking about this thing so I think I might spend a little time if I have I I fear. I'm going to have the time. Let's just say that. I think I'm going to have the time so I might work on that a little bit too projects you're going to do at the house We just bought a fixer upper right before this. Great timing and you're looking at financing to be able to to Redo it but via once again that's kind of gone by the might be timing might not be permanent has a lot of trees in the back that we have to clear so. I will probably be out there with a chainsaw hacking away taking my frustrations out on on Mother Nature. That's Okay No. I think that's probably therapeutic Do wear those those Kevlar pants. Because you'RE YOU'RE OFFICE. Need you and your legs and stuff. That's for sissies don't curse me. He Glimpse Lipson. He limps in one limb less than normal. I was actually cutting a tree down and Not yesterday or the day before yesterday and my way of falling opposite of what I expected in my my chainsaw gets stuck the start pinched. The tree started lean but my chainsaw got stuck in there So I had to do the the skittish Saul on the other side where I would make two or three strokes with the with assault on the other side. Then run yard and get out of the way. I'm sure of course my my neighbors are older. People have to set outside and watch every single movement that I make my gosh audience when you're awesome. Yeah because that's the kind of thing of it totally happened to me like like it's amazing to me how incompetent. I am at at being adult on so many levels. That would so totally right now. I've got a Right now I've got two trees that have kind of our AKIMBO. That are that have fallen. But they've kind of landed on other trees So I had to figure out how to cut those without killing myself So that's GONNA be my project so if you don't hear from me Yeah well. We'll we'll check in and see how the chainsaws work. And that's good. So I I had questions about for listeners. Who WANT TO If it's going to be a while here we have podcast content. Don't worry but I'm curious for listeners. Do you know do listeners. Want us to try and keep it as normal as possible and not focus on what's going on or are they interested in this kind of thing where we're talking about things that are happening. I am curious because I we. We have a lot of flexibility that way and held the heavenly knows. They're gonNA have time so I thought about talking to like someone like Jeff. Glad Nick or someone from a website company. Who's really promoting what you said which is to be creating content and working on marketing stuff Also like maybe talking to someone in finance or or from a bank. I have a couple of people in mind that I think about just to people know what banks are thinking in a situation like this. I thought maybe we could talk to those folks and then I'm going to see if we can get in touch with people from either different states or governmental organizations or dental associations just to hear what they're thinking about you know what's what the long term ramifications as. I thought about that. But if you guys have any any ideas of stuff that you want us to cover outside of the normal dental hacks kind of stuff I'd like to hear it so you can put that in the dental hacks nation on facebook. If you're not a member go ahead and join at your own risk It's it's it's pretty murky murky water right now the issue but it's still good. I mean there's a lot of good information or you can. E MAILS INFO DOT COM. I mean if you have questions or comments what you might WanNa hear on the on the podcast. What do you think what do you think we should cover Or or have we been covering the right stuff of anything is good just to let people know that everybody's in the same boat and we're all doing kind of whole similar stuff so sometimes it's just good to know that other people are doing the same thing and going through it so. I think people let us know what they want to hear Throughout time and hopefully we'll get back to normal stuff here yet. You're seeing yeah we will for sure and I mean we have. We still have a lot of stuff that we can put out there. So maybe maybe we'll try. Do a mix of of current event stuff that might be helpful as well as like normal so people people realize that the world still okay out there and stuff like that so I thought I thought for our go. Hack yourself we do something a little bit different I thought we would offer up our thoughts on like either inexpensive or free of content for people to listen to or read or watch whether it's dental or otherwise like what kind of stuff. What kinda stuff they're thinking of Were thinking because I mean there's we're still use still like ubiquitous content. Everywhere got netflix and Amazon. And all that stuff in a like you know as long as you're not still going you've got a lot of access to stuff. I'm going to say right now that you've never had a better time to belong to spear online. 'cause I mean we've always said Oh my gosh there's just so much content. There's never enough time to take it in. Guess what now's the time. They have so much good stuff there and if you are not a member now it'd be a really good time To to get on board. There's a lot of good dental. See Either it's that Spirit Gatien Dot Com. And that's you know..

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