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Low 67 sunshine tomorrow not assume, but tomorrow with a high of 82. It is 68 degrees. Right now, they've given up hope now finding anyone alive two weeks after the collapse of a high rise condo in Florida Rescue efforts have turned into a recovery mission, who's at the site of the condo building collapse in Surfside are no longer searching for signs of life. Some of the rescuers in tears last night holding a moment of silence as they marked the end of their search efforts for 14 consecutive days, the crews battling brutal conditions including fires and storms. As they search for survivors in air pockets only to find remains. But no survivors zone in case over plans for a monastery in North Avondale is being delayed. The hearing over allowing a group of freeze to move into a multi family home on Rose Hill was put off yesterday after neighbors complained they didn't get enough advance notice of the hearing. Opposition is mounting from people who live in North Avondale. They said they don't want the order of Legionnaires of Christ moving in because it's been linked to a number of cases of sex abuse. Construction, set to start on the first residential community ever in Greendale, Indiana, grounds been broken in a $5 million development. That will include 84 new homes at the crossing at Tanis Creek New Subdivision of Indiana. One will be located about two miles from two for my 2 75. It will include single family units, as well as town homes with 2 to 4 units in each building. Nothing to worry about writing the new roller coaster Kings Island. You may have seen Social Media post this week from people at the park who say they Saw seats flying off Orion Park says what they saw where some waited water bags coming loose during regular testing. Kings Island says there's no issue at all with the new Giga Coaster. That's the party's tallest and longest. Biggest Hill has a 300 ft drop. 700 WLW SPORTS. Here's the Reds Update. It was the Reds knocking off the Royals yesterday five to Cincinnati, taking two or three in the series in Kansas City. It's the Reds 24th comeback win this.

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