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So here's the straight talk. We did a good local hour today and a good digital only our a lot of fun for people who love this show and you should check that stuff out as well as the terrestrial stuff we're doing. We have not been great today on terrestrial Radio. I largely of blame Greg Cody, as usual on Tuesdays, but not today. Today we have a new show killer. And that show killer is Pablo. Tori. I don't believe we've ever hit anybody with that sound other than Greg Cody Sugar and we were having what I believe to be one of the top Cody shows of all time. Certainly we had some top five Red Cody moment shopping had momentum, Okay, Not since we continue to stay silent on the air and Greg Cody got mad at us in San Antonio during the finals, because we would just leave silence on the air for him to talk. And he what? You remember that among the great most memorable Greg Cody segments. One of them is me doing push ups with him on my back while we did the radio show. That is something that happened. Another one Is Cody getting mad at the show and us Basically leaving him hanging out to dry several times and him getting furious that the show and I believe we had Momenta me. The calling of Greg Cody was headed for an epic show. It was may be our best segment during the pandemic. Maybe our best segment of 2020. And you're saying and Pablo Tori ruin the show. He came in promoted himself. He's more of a narcissist quietly than Greg Cody is and he was dead serious about wanting to talk about. You disagree with that, Greg. You disagree that Pablo Tory's absolutely more of a narcissist than you are. Okay. I mean, I'll accept that. But I think it's a close race. I mean, I'll run him for it. You know, It s so funny on so many levels. Greg is upset about this. All right. Let's do with the back in my day now before Chris Jericho joins us again kicking that college heard. Yeah. Wow, old timer. All time was bad goal time. The goat of all time. On Now it is time to take a trip down Memory lane. Here's your guy. Great Cory with back in my day. Hard sell, sir. And what has happened to the beer. I'll where I shop once familiar landscape has changed radically over the past few years. Sometimes what I see now makes me wanna take my white cloth and rip it to shreds truly. It is madness. Now, who's used to be pretty simple. Once they were distilled spirits like whiskey and vodka. It was wine and it was there. There. There have always been out liars trying to reinvent the wheel. Anybody remember Zima? Nowadays, there's the trendy Moscow mule and it's unnecessary. Hey, look at me Copper Cup. This is different, though hard sell, sir. A k a spite sparkling water has established a major foothold in the booze market share since first hitting big in 2000 and 16. With brands white calling, truly leading the way. Here's something fun to do. Find a big fan of hard seltzer and ask them what is the alcohol in there? Not the TV that's around 5% like like beer. I mean, what is the actual type of alcohol contained in hard sell, sir? Beer? Fine vodka, like do you know he seems to know, but we chug it anyway. Nobody seems to know what's in it. And here's why It's a nameless manufactured alcohol made from King sugar that is fermented into Ethan. All and carbon dioxide. The flavors and carbonation added the flavors of things like lime, ruby grapefruit, raspberry mango, kiwi watermelon. Sales are exploding because it's expertly packaged as the taste of summer's gone by. Days of pre pandemic carefree bliss. Meanwhile, beer wept to see its market share run across the aisle. Even worse, beer relented. Gave in wave the white towel now flavored beer tries to compete 12 packs of Bud Light lime looking across that I'll meaning to bravely stare down the battalions of white claws and truly is Inevitably blinking looking away in shame. I don't want a bastard beer that tastes like lime. Thank you. When I twist open my brown bottle. I want to dive into the rich aroma vault. Barley and hops, Please. I want a beer. The taste like Well, beer. I want a beer that reminds me of my youth. When I'd stake Dad pop, topping a can from a six pack of orbit beer that hit by for 69 cents that records for the days of yore when the bureau I'll Was the damn beer. I'll peekaboo peekaboo smiles my buddy. Come on. Smile, honey. He's still not smiling. Maybe he's not a smiler. Yeah, Maybe he's just not a happy baby. Maybe he's just being a boy. You know how boys are Or maybe he's teething. Poor baby. I think his gums hurt. Maybe he's just tired. Or maybe his tummy hurts. He didn't eat that much. Maybe he's not ticklish. You think maybe he's scared of the dog? Maybe I'll grow it. Maybe it's a phase. Maybe he just doesn't like smiling. Maybe He has autism, and we can definitely do something to help. Maybe is all you need to find out more about.

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