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Yes, That's right. Getting up. That's right. I had nothing to do with it. All right? I just like to steal the credit from other piece head in his knee. Yeah. Watch where you post that new cap. The new coach of Detroit might just jump it off to you. We're gonna have a grace. Look, I'm grace pedo. Bye. All right, Super Bowl 55. I believe last week we were talking about what would be the what is the best match up? And I said, did we both say that bucks Chiefs is the best. I know you had a little glimmer glimmer in your eye veto for the bills making it But, Yeah, you got Patrick Mahoney's best player in the game. You got Tom Brady the best player of all time. It's in Tampa Bay home game for the Buccaneers. Insane. The chief's opened a three point favorites. It is depending on where you look been bet up to 3.5 in some spots. They is a rematch from week. 12. I believe that was a game. Okay, well, it was a close game at the end, but you remember that was the game. That wasn't it Wasn't that the game that Tyree kill just had 270 something yards in the first half first quarter? Yeah, he was going that's in the chief's kind of had the pedal to the metal in the first half, and then they're like, all right, well, just do enough to win in the second half. Are you going to have a limited Patrick the homes in this game? How much is the home field Advantage workout for the Buccaneers, who are going to be in front of 22,000 fans their home? I don't care what the number is. I'm betting Patrick homes in the chief's because that offense looks unstoppable to me. Me too. I just don't think there's any way even though He's the greatest of all time. I think it showed to me after a few weeks of the Kansas City offense sputtering, you know what I mean? When Pat Patrick Mahomes went down Gets Cleveland. We thought all what's wrong with this office? There's nothing wrong with this offense. There's nothing wrong with this offense. They look as good as last year. And when Buffalo's that night nothing Did anybody out there say? Yeah. Buffalo's gonna win. No, nobody did because they know what Patrick Mahomes can do. You can't just think you're gonna be able to score field goals against that Patrick Mahomes team and have a chance in hell. I think the chief's looked good enough. Even you said they spotted this season to be in this same situation for the next five years in a row. I just I don't look out there and be like, Oh, man, they've You better watch out for this team or anything. So I think you pencil them in there right now until somebody gets hurt your toe That word to me was an issue even though they said that you know, I was just wondering how that would affect his place. Got what? Another month to heal Jason. They don't play for weeks. I don't think that that's even gonna be a thing. I think it will be miraculously. But you also give Bruce Arian sometime to game plan and everything to the two great coaches going head to head. I hear where you and enter coming from. It's just the crazy side of me thinking of history and just who Tom Brady is and what he can will that team. I know. Maybe not eat strawberries. I'm just not. I'm probably gonna be on the box. She That's the thing except thing. This is this is not just Tom Brady and some other guys, you know? Look, look how they played yesterday. Especially that swarming defense. You're exactly right, Vito. I think we're underestimating the entire other members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We really are. I think it's gonna be a real good game on disagree with color. He said that they think boring that Kansas City just going to run away with it. Let's go to Pflueger Ville and talked Steve on Caleb E. J. What's up, Steve? Hey, guys. Hey, I'm gonna tell you why Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are gonna win the Super Bowl. And it's not because I'm a Brady fan. I'm anything but I'm a little bitter is a matter of fact, because I'm a diehard Ram Stan. History has a way of repeating itself. And you guys remember the greatest show on turf? Yeah, that was that was my one highlight of the room stand and we had this all powerful offense that nobody could stop. We win the Super Bowl in 2000. We go to another Super Bowl. And what happened is this guy named Tom Brady, who's never wanted Super Bowl starts his infamous run by beating the Rams. They just so happen to be ST Louis Rams from Missouri, they ate the exact same situation in Kansas City. You got an offense that nobody thinks they can beat and he's going to end his career. His this It's run that he's had the same way that he began it. He's gonna spoil the kids into the city. Keep dreams, just like he spoiled us Ran's dreams. Yeah, he's gonna pull me up like the way you connecting like it stays there, Steve. It's really good. Your Ram's head transferred to Los Angeles. He's still a fan, or what do you do now? Was a ran stand back when Roman gave Rose Stone sex No in Los Angeles, and they already Louis, That's fine. I'm a big ST Louis Cardinals fan. Tears moving back to l A. I've just always been a fan. Always let me take. Can I tell you something? Sad Note? A friend of mine passed away A couple of days ago, Howard Hale. It was a defensive lineman for the L A. Rams. Remember him? He would. He played it. Howard Payne. He was with the Rams and the in the early eighties and then play for the USFL team in Los Angeles passed away. His son played it off tonight with Ferris Great great defense of linemen. Giant of a man sadly passed away a couple days ago. But now the Rams are interesting team because the Rams played Pittsburgh in Los Angeles. They played in the same town, but they didn't play at the same stadium where the Rams play. What's the weather out there right now? In Los Angeles. Yeah, beat on glad you asked that question in front of 05 nineties. 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