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When before had like a heart rate monitor or whatever when they were like this guy is almost definitely dead almost definitely dead they would bury people with a string in the coffin and the string was connected to the bell that way they accidentally buried them alive they could ring the bell right quick and and we could dig them up and i'm thinking like okay if they made that up that's brilliant and if that's the creepiest thing i've ever heard that there is that much there are that many instances of people being buried alive that we've got to figure out some kind of technology to stop all this all this burying alive stuff but like it does add an element because like you know you're walking through the tombstone in the cemetery and you're hearing the bells go so it's like oh it's creepy and then like at one point the demon does get the none in training in a coffin and buries her alive. Thank god for the bell because then she rings the bell and the vatican specialists. That's when they kind of realize like oh this is crazy. What's going on here. This is nuts so what they do is they do. And fighting this demon. They find the blood of christ super super helpful when they're fighting this guy and and they get him back down to hell this entire time by the way. Remember the delivery guy told you about the like found none hanging his name's frenchie. He's been hanging out with them. Basically the whole time franchise in volved. you know. he's like i got. I gotta play this thing through which it's like you feel. It feels like you're under qualified. But still i mean you you are. The one then tipped us off to this. If you want to be here you can be here. And there is an interaction that valich and frenchy have as valid as being forced down into hell and the is closing. And you're like oh what's that all about. And then as the movie ends you see a burn on the back of frenchies neck. It's an upside down cross. And you're like you gotta be kidding me. no no. And then they flash forward to what would have been twenty one thousand nine years later and there's video footage of an x zoom being done to frenchie. Guess he's doing the exorcism. Although warren's it's the extra schism that we see at the beginning of the first conjuring how do you like dat drake. maverick Wow i told you we get there. We you're listening to this whole convoluted story about the none and you're like i don't see any of this is necessary but both frenchie was right under our nose the whole time. I'm going to end up watching really annoyed. I'm gonna wind up what i'm like. I'm liking the rush. Save the payoff. So because it means it's actually the story it's like following on the accent so it's not like it's it's definitely the this one now okay. I'm following following. Yes yes so then the one. I think that you can skip not because it doesn't really a bad movie but just because there's not that much mythology to it is the next movie that came out in two thousand nineteen the curse of lie your own. Ah lie your owner. That sounds right right. lie your own. Yeah that says right. Yeah yeah yeah so the curse go ahead. I've got a question so far. Yeah the vatican. Yes i have to go and ask.

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