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Right? Alright. So so, yes. So planning is and having the written plan in the key. You gotta have a document here is what I've got here is what I can spend and people holding at like gold. I mean, I have clients to go to retire that the call me You know, David, You know, my boss was mean to me today. But, you know, I don't think I want to work anymore. But because I know I could retire, right? Some people love their job. Part of it is just having the ability to retire. Sure, right? Well, something happens. So some people are blessed enough where they don't love their job. But maybe they can't. They can't work anymore. Maybe one day they decide they don't because they don't like their boss or whatever it is. Having that plan in your pocket, so to speak, can give you the freedom of feeling empowered to be able to say Hey, if I if I don't wanna work any more than that, I know that I don't have to. Absolutely. And then David. Once you are able to put a plan in place for someone how often do you recommend that they review the plan with you to make sure that it's working properly for them? I like to see clients a minimum twice a year, you know, probably see my was found a couple times a year. If they're closer to retirement, Maybe maybe more. But I would say, Adam, we reach out to clients. If if we have seen them in one will do reviews when, once a year at a minimum, I think twice years better but again. If somebody's closer to retirement, and they're talking the next year, I may want to see them more often. But if if you have a really good plan And is well thought out. You don't need to visit it every month, right? But a couple times a year is good at least once a year to do a full review of here's where you're at were. Here's what your real estates worth. Here's the Here's the tax or looking like again. Are we going to do some tax planning this year? Are we gonna decides that's a big reason his taxes? Maybe there's opportunities that year to do some planning that we didn't think about whether to the state taxes or whether it's income taxes. Capital gains taxes, maybe some giving that we want to do some charitable giving. So I think from a tax perspective, I think annual reviews are important. Just just on that alone, even the investments or finding everything else. I think the taxes should be revisited every year. Okay for for sure. Okay. Okay. This'll is the perfect time for us, David to go ahead and open up the phone lines for the second time this week. Yes. Good to the viewing audience at home. The number to call is 866. 7393775 again. 8667393775. If you have questions about your retirement plan, let David take a look into a complementary retirement review for you again. You have 500,000 and above and acid That's going to be something that benefits you greatly. The number to call is 8667393775. And I love how we were talking about what the experience feels like when someone comes in for the very first time, So let's share that with the viewing audience. What can they expect to feel when they first come in? Well, we We try to do like a spa like, you know, we have a water feature and we way have you know I have all women in the office, so that's on purpose, so I would know what to do. But now we want to make it is as pleasure was, you know, as stress free as possible. You know it zero. It is intimidating. Sometimes to do that. You're exposing yourself with your finances. And and we take that seriously and want people to feel, you know, as comfortable as possible. So really relaxing. Obviously, this kind of conversation. Yeah, it's conversation. No, Jen talk. Is it? You know, we all need. I always say I'm half camp counselor, half adviser because a lot of you know you get very personal with clients and a lot of things that air, but that's what drives us to make decisions or not sure, And so we want to make it is as as as inviting as possible and as stress free as possible for clients to anything we've achieved that, you know. People comment on the office and they we have class. Just come by, and we have their favorite drinks and refrigerator and do so It's got a funny they get bored. Oh, you know, we're gonna come by. I'll be Yeah, the client come out. There's two clients in the hallway talking our staff. It's so way have great staff and great people. And we're very blessed to have, you know, have the have what we have. So we saw because of our clients. So we want to make the experience a zoo. Positive as possible. Okay, for for people that come to see us, Okay, so very relaxing. Kind of just getting to know one another, If you will. Is it about an hour consultation? David doesn't run longer. Usually it's probably I would say closer to 90 minutes, I'd walk out two hours for every every perspective client everybody that choose to come. See me. I don't want to be rushed. I don't want to be as wannabe lto really get to know somebody people always interesting. I wanna get to know you know, people, stories and what drives them? What's important to them on DSA to do that? You can't have. Okay. We have 45 minutes for a media. I just won't do that. Absolutely well. I cannot believe how fast our time goes together, David because again, it's just a wealth of information that you're giving to the viewing audience. I know, of course with the radio show the TV and now this way of reaching people as well with this program. It's just amazing, and people are just so receptive, and they can't wait to hear. You know what you have to say..

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