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The only place i would choose not to do it. Yeah i know you're there. They were like trying to do like a. They wanted to bring people on board and make it seem like they want to go away from the naked part of it and make it more kind of. I guess i can talk where people just post videos of things like you could do a cooking show. I'm like i'm not getting on only fans and cooking but it's so true because i feel like especially in that time i remember. I was brand new into like this industry. And i wasn't met with open arms and i feel like i have to do this. Thing where exit myself up in this cocoon of just like i was like my energy is just going to be zipped in this cocoon and knocking to any of the negativity like and termi- space and it's so funny because over time that the dynamic and the i feel like the culture is shifting in that sense where like women are wanting to help each other more and they're not being so single. It's not a zero-sum game anymore. You know when i was on chelsea lately you know. We had so many comedians on all the time. And all i knew was like i always just wanted to share the spotlight. It wasn't about me. I mean it was of course because it was my show a really what i wanted was to hang hang around with my friends and have a good time and be able to amplify all these people. Who weren't you know on tv yet. You know people like fortune. Teamster people like kevin. Hart tiffany haddish and joe koy and all those people i is. Sarah colona who stole one of my closest friends. Jen kirkman all these really talented comedians. You know i loved sharing that and with people like i'm a i'm a party girl i wanna have. A party is in my nature to be generous like that right. Yeah but when you do share the spotlight and then you can enjoy and see what that spotlight helped. Somebody accomplish you know you. It's a really really gratifying. Feeling so by sharing your spotlight however big or small it is it yields such reward and personal kind of you know so much pride and self esteem you were able to not make it all about yourself in in that act. You're able to help someone do something else. And if we could all apply that a little bit more especially in this industry right because it's so competitive and it's hard not to get competitive especially with social media you know what it does to our psyches and our self esteem and and all of that so you gotta stick to the basics of being like a decent human being and being a powerhouse because it is powerful to share your light. Yeah you know. It's it's so true..

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