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Web version of the site. There's a little search tool or I guess. If you go through the tags it's under Halloween or if you're the the mobile version you click the Halloween tag or if you scroll down to the bottom of the page is a few web version and bring your search either way look up the mad that scientists I made a post a few weeks ago as part of a Halloween posting on mad scientists toys when it came to these mad lab toys playing with and this mad scientist. Excuse me the the alien version treasurer ex. I got to thinking man. Oh man would it. It not be great if they made mad. Scientists blind toys one second. Let me get another drink before I cough again her as refreshing still coughed but I caught it this time I was thinking how great it would be for a new current line of mad scientists toys it could be a mixture of scopes based on the Classic Monsters and such from the original line as well as some new creations could be. Maybe like the mad lab in a vial full slime or maybe something else just a straight up lying line pack. That got me thinking how much I would love that. Maybe the maybe one based on the alien from the alien to section Kit. I seen that guy I pop up in a lot of indie toy indie toy makers wears and so I got guy wouldn't help. I think that that would go over well. A lot of people like it enough to make you know unsolicited versions of the character in you know maybe maybe they can even do some of the Babas Arby's from the Japanese incarnation of mad scientists. Let's again go check out. That article is saying a lot of people seem to like that one and maybe you will too well one more thing before I get into the the meat and potatoes of this month show my homeboy homeboy my home slice my main man. The God beast has a new batch of figures ready at his website shop. I think he put them up a week ago. There's probably some still left the goaded God be shop. You can see them. He also as now were sliding into Halloween and he has some of the monster cereal theme set still left and it would be good time to get them up as you know it's Halloween Monster. Student cereals are being stocked at your local store. You can't help but to be in the mood. He's got those sent effects. Musher cereal guys as well. I've got the blue monster figure would be scented like blueberry to match up with blueberry. I think I want to get the others. He's gotTa Count Chocula version nemesis. He's got a Franken Berry version of CABOODLE MUCCI as well as the larger vinyl figure. It's in a strawberry strawberry. The larger co MUCCI figure good stuff Halloween's around the corner. I can't wait suet his halloween. Selection will be now. It's getting to the main potatoes of this month's episode. I mentioned at the beginning. This is episode. Thirteen fate would have had it that the first Halloween themed episode of this year would be a month with Friday the thirteenth this coming Friday you. I'm recording this on Monday morning. This coming Friday will be Friday the thirteenth it's one of those magic. Halloween seasons where we have have a Friday the thirteenth throwing it while sure it would have been much better for the in October but we can't control the calendar now county so of course a lot of you probably watching Jason Movies on marathons really taken it in. It's the perfect time for Friday. The thirteenth ain't sure Friday to thirteen are great off season so it's where you can have a little mini Halloween. It may be in spring or summer or maybe even winter but it sure is great. Having one Halloween where there is an abundance of spooky merchandise at your hands grip you just reach out and grab one and any place you go those inexpensive dollar. Hockey masks are available so she's the perfect time so the commemorate such a momentous occasion as a Friday the thirteenth during Halloween as well as somehow this being the thirteenth episode at that time. I didn't plan it this way. I thought I would look at the Friday. The thirteenth movie movie series a little now being that transformed squadron is Transform Squadron and at the podcast zone based dot org which is a weird sight light about robots and monsters. I won't do it my way. I thought I'd take the time to point out some of the instances where transformers this has crossed over with Friday the thirteenth in one way or another now before I get started. This is not going to be the most comprehensive list in the world now. I don't don't know everything you know. I I could try to know everything but I still would know everything. I freely admit that I believe I have a pretty fun list of instances in here but that's totally not comprehensive just being the way these productions actions work you might have shared crew from one production to another or sewn whose voice actor worked on a movie here. They're that sort of thing so there's there's most likely a million more examples than the ones. I'm about to give you. I felt these were pretty neat. Starting off. I will have to guess I guess I'll have to start with the most most funny one and probably the most as low key of the mall as it's not really much of a crossover. It's just a funny coincidence Friday. The thirteenth part seven one of the one of the teenagers in that movie that of course gets hurt by Jason is played by Crispin Glover. Everyone knows Crispin Glover. He Played Mardi MC flies dad in the original back to the future. He's infamous for being a bit of a nutjob. Just kind of a Weirdo got a strange rap song just kind of a weird guy all around. He's a Friday thirteen part four playing a floor while part for paying playing ski just talking about Crispin Glover Lover got my voice messing up. We take a drink. That's better just talking about. Crispin Glover got me making all sorts of vocal typos. He's that weird. Crispin Glover is in Friday. The thirteenth part part four the final chapter is intended to be the last one and then they made another one here. You're later whatever crispin plays one of the teenagers and he's an awkward guy will as the group is having fun and partying at their cabin. He asks one of the girls to dance with him and he goes over he pushes on Stereo. I think the record on a song he dances like a madman for a minute or two. You have to see the stance to do just Google Crispin Glover Dancing Friday the thirteenth. It's on Youtube Youtube visitors gifts of it is the if you ever wonder exactly how unhinged Crispin Glover is watched a man dance now so when they record it they filled the scene they used a record of back in black by ACDC and crispin is dancing to back in black back that makes us make a little more sense if you've watched scene because his movements matched that song more natural song in used in the movie because when they dubbed over of course they didn't have the licensed rights to us back in black what they did have what they did use a song by lion the same lion who saw the transformers movie theme in the Nineteen Eighty six movie those guys they play love is alive by lion in that scene ever since I was a kid I thought those guys sounded familiar than later on finding out as the same guys hey that's pretty neat but speaking the things I thought sounded familiar as a kid and it's pretty neat and probably the most commonly brought up Friday. The thirteenth transformers crossover is is part of me wants second lawn. Guys are outside one second. I'm back. I felt it better to pause us. Instead of trying to battle the sounds of a weed whacker somehow the long guys always know when I'm doing anything that would require silence ironically though oh I just mentioned a weed whacker because the the incense is about to bring up is the most more well known Friday the thirteenth crossover and that would be Subaru suebu voice our see in transformers as we all know the original movies season three animated Subaru is Suba was also in Friday the thirteenth part seven as Mrs Sheppard Amanda Shepherd the main character's mother now. I said it was ironic. She was killed with a weed whacker. I guess I guess the long guys knew what I was talking about ahead of time here him out there. It's it's Jason. He's chasing on our see now. What makes that part always kind of stand out to me is one. I was a kid I. I thought thought that lady sounded familiar. You know your kids. You don't know all the names of the people involved with things as an adult you might not under some some nerds out there will remember every single artist writer or whatever I love dairy goes again he does he get her yet. Get her man. She still running running but you know I don't remember every single instance. I might remember this voice actor. This artists here there but a lot of them. I'm not going to remember or baby never find out their name when as a kid man you definitely don't notice things and there. I was watch and Friday the thirteenth part seven. Hbo You know is generally about a year after the movie would be released at the time that would show up on HBO or showtime or Something Within the movie would come out go to video by parents who let me rent it so I'd have to wait till the show on HBO and I'd Watch it while they're at work worked at night usually so it worked out for me that Friday night premiere. I'd get to see new Friday thirteenth or nightmare on ELM street here. Was this movie about about a new Jason goes back to kill people of course and the main star is a psychic teenager. This also will play into something talk about until the minute that I just realized I didn't. I wasn't thinking about this til just a second ago and it just occurred to me. That's kind of ironic but she plays the psychic teenager major and her mother is played by Sue Blue Subaru's taken her back to the camp camp where her father died beginning beginning of the movie her psychic powers had part of his death that his death as she's going back there to ask for counseling funnily enough or counselors played by the guy from weekend at Bernie's Bernie the corpse weird so the whole movie. I was a kid watching thinking wow her mom sounds super familiar turns out. RC issue sue blue speaking voice because it is you're literally hearing our C poll time now now. Here's where I was going to this is. This is funny how this works out sometimes things work of funny because she sees. Soo Blue who later became the voice director on beast wars and beast machines. I think animated as well she she's worked in animation a whole lot probably more than live action well star. Gary Chalk as did be some Sheen's. Gary Chalk was optimus primal. He has been in a million different productions both live action and animated you name it. He's probably I've been in it but go figure sue blue one of the stars of Friday the thirteenth part seven who who was our C. went on to be the voice director on Beast Wars starring Gary Chalk.

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