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Please listen to the rest of our show before you listen to the next one. But what, what are some, what are some topics that really stuck out in your mind, you've published recently? Well, we've just published an episode interviews, Sarah Wasserman, who's a professor at the university of Delaware is basically an ephemeral teacher. Oh, yeah. And so, she's the peop- the person who can really answer some of the tough questions that we brought up at the top of the show, the episode before that is a study of. Autumn American diaspora music. You might say what immigrants from the collapsing on empire. In the early part, the twentieth century, the teens twenties thirties, fleeing, like people are from all over the world coming to America and recording. Heart-stopping beautiful music in New York, mostly Chicago for big labels Columbia, Victor, and then also some small independent labels to so music in Greek and era bec- that has largely almost entirely been forgotten these records that were pressed in, in, in limited in limited quantities, because of some sort of racist practices at time. That's the sun as she knew part of the area where I and one of our one of our colleagues Dylan fake, and from in Tennessee is has a huge population of Lebanese immigrants who have left, I think Lebanon was at least in name ruled by the Ottoman empire until that collapse room. What posts World War, One nineteen eighteen and I think I've heard some of I have to listen to this. I think I've heard something that might. Fai in the Shawna, that's bizarre to me. And I mean, there's all kinds, it's not there's all kinds of music. There's party songs their heart prick songs, and there's fantastic singing and playing and things that don't that don't really have the vernacular to describe. But we interview in this episode and really where all of the inspiration for it came from his gentlemen, and in gos- key who is in Baltimore. And does reissue records of this stuff? Literally sometimes pose them out of the trash, I I've seen pictures of some of these records. They have so abused. And does everything he can to salvage them to save them to learn as much as he can about the performers? Sometimes you can't find anything. Sometimes you get lucky and spread the word about it. So it's, it's a it's a fantastic interview, that's part of that. And the music. And it is, it's some of my favorite music now. I would love to hear it and don't take our word for it. You can tune in and check out this music yourself. And that's the thing which you're gonna get with this show is the conceit of the show is such a cool one, but it also allows for such a broad range of topics, which I think is really important, even for a show like what we do. Like our only Lynch pin is that these stories are in some way, bizarre, strange or ridiculous hilarious. And so that gives us like kind of carpal to like all kinds of different directions similarly with your show, very different show, but very similar heart in terms of just being fascinated by things and wanting to get answers to why things play out the way they do in history. And just kind of I think anyone is into this show, even remotely going to be very much into your show as well. To me, it's a it's a there's something about it, and please take this for the profound complimented. Is that reminds me of the free associate of nature of the? Film, waking life the way that it it connects in this very intentional good dreamlike state. You know what I mean? This is this is one of the podcast that I hear a ton of shows, but this is one of the ones that comes with a very new and unique voice. And, and I mean that sincerely, you can compare me to Richard linkletter anytime. I find that so it looks like we're going to we're going to have to save our, our own explorations of things that came and went for a nother day. But shout out to pizzeria chips, I miss you. If you're listening, if it defy big demo of our show is extension, pizzeria, chips, exam potato chip. That's terrified gained Saint PNC. I was gonna talk about Betamax tapes. We're only literally killed production was killed by Sony, like end twenty sixteen. And I believe they stopped distributing the players and recorders of Betamax, tapes, only a couple of years before that, but that used to be kind of, like, go to for high resolution news, footage and archiving. And now I actually have a stack of Betamax is on my desk right now that I'm trying to find a place that can transfer them digitally, and there are folks that have them, whether they're news agencies or like companies that specialize and digitizing your family member. That's big business now because of this nature of fem and not only is the medium antiquated now the way of playing back as gone or much more scarce, and that's as you have a really great trailer for your show. That's all about answering machine messages. And how that used to be such a cultural thing that people would do, and it was important to leave a really good message and just the idea of these things that kind of came and went left an impression, and now it's almost kind of specter like hangs over society, and it's really interesting, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from a federal with Alex Williams. I'm going to go into save. I have this great list that I'm gonna save imposed on our Facebook page later for ridiculous stories because I didn't. Okay. Job just mentioning pizzerias is really hard not to just immediately start talking about them. So I'm just gonna like mentioned some things that left and then we'll pick it up later. So check us out or Facebook page ridiculous story, and should be able to find a federal wherever you find your. Your favorite podcasts like ridiculous history, and so on. And the meantime Alex, thank you, so much of for, for coming on the show, actually, another started with people who the curtain. Let's end with one our office actually close to few hours ago we're able to convince you to stay over and take this strange journey with us. You know, before I feel like be remiss to not mention that particular history was the first show that I helped make at a very beginning. It was it was the three of us at the very, very beginning of it. And now I'm not sure if you know this or not you've got so much on your play. We thank you at the end of every episode of the wonderful theme that you composed. So now we can do our little thank yous. And we can do it in person. Thanks to Alex Williams, who composed our theme and for being here today for an interview I did know that. And I very much appreciate. Yeah. We are big fans of thanking people in the show. I'd also like to think super producer Ramsey ram gems. You don't think you? You so much for saving. The show Ramsey things for having me guys op absolutely our pleasure. Thanks to reduce Casey Pegam here in spirit. Not forgotten gallivanting around Paris right now, living his best second life. Thanks, Christopher haciendas also here in spirit. Thanks to Jonathan Strickland, aka the quizzed, as well as our research, associate Gabe L, who desperately needs a nickname. So send some suggestions are way. Ben, thanks to you for always being friend and confidante.

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