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Well you have a raised a number of questions that me try to respond one by one uh first of all as i said earlier china is now seeking global dominance we believe in today's award all countries are confronted with a lot of common challenges and we do share growing income interest so what is important for us is to form a widebased global partnership to respond to the common challenges and to build a community of a nation that we have a shared and better future this is i'll go we don't think there is a zerosum game between any countries especially between china united states economically the fact is china and the us economies have become increasingly connected and interdependent and both economists both our peoples have benefited from this fact and china will continue to open stall wider to the rest of the world including in particular the united states and the huge and growing chinese market is providing tremendous opportunities to us business at the same time china's chinese business is also coming to the us to invest and create jobs so uh passing a stronger tie a stronger economic aci would benefit both countries and benazir bhutto's pupils of course we have to recognize the united states is the largest and strongest economy in the world so very often us macro economic policies do have external impact others agree on china okay we have to watch very carefully okay ambassador know you're talking very much in terms of partnerships and certainly in his verbal uh uh you know comments to president jian about president g president trump talks about partnership but this uh this national security review paints a different picture so what are you sir.

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