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Thank you so shooting in. Thank you. Tonight. And an activist now celebrating his tenth year on Grey's anatomy. Jesse Williams is joining us. Also unto night's show. Why black people love Joe Biden, a call crashes? Cory Booker speech. And the pope says snitch is get stitches. So let's catch up on today's headlines. I up if you were planning a vacation to Venezuela this week. I hope you've got trip insurance. Breaking news out of Venezuela. Where an attempted coup is underway. There. You heard that right opposition leader one Guido calling for the military to the sitting President Nicolas Maduro in an early morning. Video Guido saying, quote, the moment is now calling for his supporters to take to the streets and many answering that call that's right as we speak. Venezuela is in the throes of an attempted coup after five years of repression and economic crisis the country has just finally reached a tipping points. Well, it's either that or everyone was just super inspired by watching a vengeance. And game of thrones in the same weekend. And they're like weekend. Although I say I say it's a coup. But according to John Bolton, President Trump's national security advisor and janitor who zone mop this is not a coup. No, the US government says it's not a coup because the US government recognizes Kwan blythedale as the legitimate president. So this is not a you gotta admit America's pretty gangsta about this. Yeah. Yeah. If it likes the people overthrowing the government. It's not a coup. It's just cool. In other international news, ISIS the US coalition may have taken away their caliphate. But apparently, they still have their camera phones the leader of ISIS has reemerged publicly after five years without being seen. The new video appears to show the allusive ISIS leader Abu Bakar Baghdadi giving a pep talk to supporters. It's only the second video of him the first five years ago when he founded the Islamic state tonight Baghdadi acknowledges, his state is in ruins ground underfoot by US led coalition. So he has a new tone. The terror group will live on he says by fighting a long war of attrition along Warwick. Attrition. Us sounds exhausting. Just blow us upload ready Kuttab like an actual wall..

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