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Parking studies. As part of a lawsuit settlement from nearly three years ago supporters. Of a Bill that would lower the legal blood alcohol. Limit for drivers across California rallied in south LA outside the office of the chairman of the assembly public safety committee demanding Sullivan, Reginald Jones, Sawyer move the Bill forward. They're calling LIAM's law. Barca's cowl who is baby son Liam died the drunk driving accident nearly three years ago tells KNX looks like a vote on the Bill will be put off for now. Just something that we decided this isn't just an opinion these affects. We know that impediment way before point zero eight Bill would set to do Lugo limited thorough five reached out to Jones lawyers office for comment kind of not being five minutes. We're talking the Miller report right now, it's two twenty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Here's style in studio city on the one zero one northbound before Coldwater canyon lookout for three vehicle crash, and that's blocking the slowly. And right now, we're just trying to zoom in on what's going on in that neck of the woods and everything seems to be very nice as far as traveling through that area. Now, I really blocking lanes, and there is some cowboy we're going on at the one in the one thirty four was some connectors closed. So just beware of that. As you're going through there then in commerce on the seven south Washington boulevards off ramp. There's a disabled box truck partially blocking the right lane of the offramp and CHP is giving the owner of that truck. The four hours. That's Intel about six o'clock to get the heck out of there for the morning drive. So see they're working for you. And in Tustin on the southbound fine between Tustin ranch and jamboree road car versus street sweeper that has been swept away and our Sigler in corona that's still working. The does look like they may be opening some lanes because of this the slowing the congestion between Lincoln avenue the fifteenth starting to lift up. That's good news. But at last report all but the right lane had been shut down on the ninety one east between Lincoln and the fifteen. This is four to multi vehicle crashes earlier in the morning, and I would just stick with it right now. I wouldn't even take the alternates that we had because the alternates now look heavier traveled than the ninety one next report is coming up at two thirty five. I'm loose hours. With more traffic reports..

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