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Little sweet little door Dash is available at participating restaurants think tonight and I put together with the assistance of Tater. I think the best show we've done in the last 15 years. On Sunday night. That is, I lined them up because I said, Gentlemen, this is it. I have well over a million listeners across America. And I'm sure there's thousands of listeners in either Texas or Florida or Iowa or Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Maybe Nevada, Maybe Arizona. It may be teetering and let's give them a reason to vote for President Trump. So I once again want to thank his son, Eric Trump for coming on from the road in Pennsylvania when Allah roof from Las Vegas. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the president's attorney, who should have been notified in December. The FBI had exculpatory information, but Christopher Wray is corrupt. The director of the FBI did not give it to Rudy. We're gonna talk about that. Plus other related issues about the special counsel about to be appointed to investigate the criminality of the Biden family after the election, win or lose, plus, James Hirsen wrote a great column. About why more and more blacks like 50 Cent is going to have 20 cents. With all the taxes by and is going to force upon high income Americans and wrap it up with Herschel Walker. I think the best there is In the end, it's about freedom. It's about dignity. Look at what's happening with Democratic governors. Democratic mayors telling Americans like you and I You can't go to church. You can't work. You have to wear a mask, even though objective evidence indicates the mass do not stop the spread of disease. You can't go to school Can't go to college. You got to go home Got to be remote. You can't go to a loved one's funeral. You can't watch your daughter or son get married. That's all wrong. But it was find a protest riot and dilute his recently as a few days ago in Philadelphia. All that's fine him found, she said. Ifyou're on tender, you can hook up with someone. You have to worry about covert 19 in those circumstances, So it's about freedom. It's about love is about opportunity about living your life. Covert 19, Israel. 99.9% of the American people under the age of 50 survive and over the age of 70 94.5%. Take reasonable precautions and live your life vote vote vote. I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win. So coming in with.

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