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I I brought to you in part by amac. The association of mature Meccan citizens. Oh did bad news. Mike Levin Nadi. His five million dollar jet has been impounded by the authorities. I guess that'll make a happy, right? No flying no-fly grabbing naughty Shanxi's pony. That is right. Shanks pony walking. All right back to your calls. Here we go back with. We're gonna go backwards. The number his eight three three three three goal. Ca that is eight three three three three four six. How does have a five million dollar jet? Anyway. Love said line three, Lou Queens, New York city. Welcome to America fast. Dr g I am interested to find out what the national thought would be about setting up a law of crimes against the constitution. You can have misdemeanors felonies for crimes on becoming a politician Schiff and Adler are actually bearing false witness specially shift who's claiming that he has proved so he's he's he's trying to control and manipulate the public opinion. So that's like trying to to to rile up eight mob. So this these crimes we should have laws or conduct becoming of of politicians that should be enforced. I love you thoughts on a love that look again, I'm not a lawyer, I studied international law in post grad. But I like this idea there's there's all kinds of felonies is all kinds of crimes on the statute books that have to do with abuse of power. Power abuses under the color of the law. But this is this is a very interesting concept when you knowingly do things that undermine the constitution. We shouldn't have to wait for time of war, and to be giving suck it to the enemy factors Asians of trees, if you knowingly go up against the constitution and that line that you gave us which is one of the ten commandments which are pretty good rules for living your life. It's funny. What you say that most people when you say don't full witness. It doesn't really resonate does it loop. Because people think, hey, I'm not standing in a dock, and I'm not lying against somebody in a cold. But what you just highlighted what Schiff does every day with the president. What Ted lieu did he s today with Candace Owens was bearing false witness against your fellow meth Tate? Loot Mewat he knew that young black. In seven it wasn't a Nazi. And he went up that in pow Blick, and he accused Adam Schiff has all the clearances. He has SEI you name it. And he knows that there is no proof of any collusion against this president. And he's been he's still peddling Lou. I love it. I love it. Great concept. We'll get Kanka Klaus gone. And we will talk about it. Love your coal. Thank you. Let's go to line to Ted in Arizona. Welcome to America fest. Hello, Dr Gorka. Yes. Dad, welcome. How are you? Good for for to say, it was an honor and a pleasure to have met you personally when you were here brisket for a Kelli ward event. Oh, yes. Thang? I really wanted to meet you, you you are a great American most Ted. We've only got a minute of the half at tell us why I wanted to say that I was absolutely impressed. With with Canada's always that request got hit with a juggernaut. Very very NFL, very young drug note. Yes. Indeed. And she is awesome. No, I decided to do the break. I am going to post that video of crushing Ted lieu and Jerry Nadler every day for the next six years. What do you think that? Oh, boy, I'll tell you what. I could listen to it forever. Glorious after league glorious. Thanks for calling Ted great to hear from you again. I'm Sebastian Gorka, having way too much fun. But that's why we're here because what rank ranking tell us we gotta be warriors for the founding. We've got to be happy is the left runs on hatred that fuel isn't bile. Ours is a love love of our country. Love about Republic. More of your calls on fist. Relieffactor dot com. Studios. Regular wick on eight three three three three Gocha G O K A that is.

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