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The Sixers fell to the Indiana Pacers. The fliers were back on the ice this afternoon, Right now, overcast 82. Here in center City, heading to 93. Good morning of John Austin Kovach. Our top story at 9 31 Police is searching for more people involved in a shootout Saturday in West Philadelphia. As K Y. W's Charlotte, Reese reports a seven year old Was hit and remains in grave condition. One person is in custody after gunfire erupted between multiple people on the 200 block of Simpson Street Saturday evening. Police say At least 16 shots were fired. One sadly hit a seven year old boy playing on a porch, a child. Who's one of the most vulnerable individuals in our community and our population playing innocently with a toy. You know, it takes a lot out of you. Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says the boy was struck in the head and rushed to the hospital. Outlaw recognized that parts of West Philadelphia are plagued with violence. I'm learning the different neighborhoods but learning history. Around different blocks in different parts of the city. At least two people were killed Saturday from gun violence in North Philadelphia, a man in his twenties and a 34 year old Charlotte, risque Y W News radio governor Wolf praises volunteer First responders who are often last in line that's coming up on K Y W news radio right now, though traffic and weather on this Tuesday Traffic. Malcolm Point extra the third. Hey there, John. Good morning, Teo. But I'm not going on on the Jersey side, all the short traffic. If anybody has taken their time heading down on the A C expressway at the Garden State Parkway, Black Horse Pike all running a good speed's not seeing any delays. Thankfully, no construction to get in your way and closer to the bridge is taking a look at the 42 Freeway 55 to 95 are all clear. We did have a construction pattern on to 95 south right around Mount Holly Rowe. But that s since cleared But that wasn't really causing a big problem between 1 30 Mount Holly that cleared up about an hour ago. Testing any delays on the bridges E for heading over to P. Ay. Now just watch for a bit of construction on the westbound Scougall expressway between University and 6 76 that you are forced off onto university. That is a full closure. But should we open about six o'clock tomorrow morning, but we'll let you know. If anything, changes, they're not see any delays on 95 either way around Delaware County, looking good around the airport as well as in Bucks County and then on up 6 11 If you're heading up broad street all the way. No reported to laze around Temple all the way up to Doylestown. Indicate what w 24 hour traffic center I'm Malcolm point after the third time now for a check of weather the five day a lot of it wet from NBC 11th alert meteorologist Michelle Grossman. Well, it's been a rough morning for parts of Berks County, North Hanson County,.

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