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We have to go with the different simpson's like scarlet spider spider man spider and the rest at the other port. Losers spider man. Here like he's like. I'm not really helbig. Plot device for the end of the series. We'll see you later. I will give no powered spiderman some credit. He's still jacked filling up the suit. Yeah he's not leaving anything loose so to speak they discuss. What's your powers is like. I don't have any powers and you're like wait. What the why the hell are you here. If you don't have any powers through this through the spandex you can see as a huge shock just like. oh yeah. He's the leader. You look good solid take. That was what happens when the spider bit him up. But yeah who the fuck is this guy. I have a feeling though remembering this as a kid that that he has a crucial purpose or meaning. Or like he's gonna come back later and be like look. How big my dick is. I probably that he rolls it out at measuring cut us. You're just like he pulls his pants down. And it's like that golden. Oh is that what i think. It is to tame the carnage. It's beautiful spiderman. With the doc arms goes and says these are just a little souvenir from my last fight with dhaka. And i'm like so wait. He killed doctor octopus and ripped the arms of his spine and connected them to himself. Like the fucking predator spine. He's just like hey meet just fucking because he has the strength he just ripped him apart. You know he's fucking casual about it because he also took his. What the fuck is the point of the goggles like. That's a real pushing. The face of the mud bobick. Would you like. I'm going to take your fucking octopus arms. Which is reasonable. It stops him from being any kind of a significant villain on the same level. But then you just take his goggles. Thank that is a flame that is what make it to the owners. They have nothing to do with it. He's just like giving giving. Yeah they all get into. I'm the real spider man moment. give me a break. I should be charged this group. I'm the real spider man. I don't know what kind of mind game this is. But i'm the real spider man. The real peter. Parker guess guess again. See pito buddy. We're just as genuine as you are. Yeah we're all peter parker and he's like what you share my life. My spider powers my slightly crooked penis. Yeah it totally bends to the left. Get out of here. Say i don't know what it is. But armored spiderman is the hottest one. I have no every way. Except his voice is husky or maybe. That's it i was actually. I was looking into it wasn't credited. Imdb it is in the final credits of this episode. It does say that. Christopher daniel barnes did his voice but it sounds quite different and i was like. I don't know maybe it's just one of those things and so i emailed christopher daniel barnes boy back voice of spiderman for the series eddie replied within forty minutes. Once you're fucking needs screwing kit said. I'll forward you the yeah. I came home. And i was like. Why do you. Christopher daniel barnes on your g mail reading over his shoulder as ideal. Where'd you even get my source. I'm good at research son. Jameson is back. I asked him if that was really him doing the boys at he wrote quote. Hi there kevin. It was so many years ago. I'm not sure. But i do remember the fun. I had playing a lot of multi-diverse spiderman. In fact i think it was our show that introduced the spiderman. Multi-diverse chris oh this is like the bland uninterested email of a man who has moved on with this life that's as close as an interview of the actual people who worked on this series as we're gonna i'm going to do. Let's put it so madam web here goes and says. Gm river speech off into many pattern tributaries the fuck she means by that. So i'm gonna have to consult our in house. Limb nala gist. Kevin tributaries are smaller bodies of water that feed into a larger body of water so technically entities and then we have madame web coming in with one of those beholds like they do that a budget as episode people keep saying behold don't tell me what to behold the well saying look at this that's that's true that's true that's like saying it's true we can't all have taglines like classic boom shut up. That is a peter line. That's true so it's a madame web. Here she decides to use her strongest power which is the power of exposition. And she explains that. This is the reality of the scarlet spider aka benjamin riley and it spider carnage is his clone. Or maybe the other way around in this reality. Peter parker eats even bigger shit sandwich than usual. All his family is dead and he ended up being cloned by miles. Warren just like mary. Jane was ben reilly tries to distance himself but by becoming scarlet spider and with evidence from kirk connor suggesting that riley isn't the real clone. Peter parker starts going over the edge. I love how they have been riley. Go and say i miss clone. Or maybe he's my clone or not sure. Yeah that really got confusing him in ninety dollars that was. I stopped reading spiderman comments. Because i didn't love the spider man clone saga just so complicated and up. Its own ass yeah. I've been meaning to actually read it. Fuck it why. Not if you're watching this episode at home make sure to drink. Every time they say the word clone and behold it is a waterfall basically. Yeah it's it's not easy collins complicated. I do love that. They're like oh yeah. Let's tie in some of these old characters. We remember like miles warid. The brilliant scientists like brilliant maybe scientists. kind of. It's it's unclear what he's what he's really up to their well. He's the jackal the jackal jack. Jack that jackal. The important thing is that he really gets peter down into his under roussier order to clone them like in. this flashback. holy shit he's got the tiniest avoid just the it's not the giant boxers that they usually putting no one thousand nine hundred ninety eight guys. It's getting a little bit more liberal. Yeah i was gonna say it's not the fucking parachute pants of underwear that he's wearing in. Our dimension is sleek and tight talion. it's.

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