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Because then you don't even know which one to trust for the backup plan. Right. So I do think they're going to have a lot more work to do in describing their plans for these sort of these fail overs and safeties. I kinda think what may end up actually happening again, which we talked about in the best is that this board is not actually going to be the one that. Is going to be operating without people in it. And this is the one that is good enough when there's still a human supervisor. And that the new board that they're going to work on. We'll probably have another level of redundancy because they're already a work on the next generation, which I thought was kind of crazy that Ilan let himself walked down that path because they none of the analysts asked about that until well what happened with someone asks you think this is really good enough. And then someone else had asked why did you use fourteen nanometer die process is why wouldn't you do something like ten nanometer even seven nanometer than Pete ban in paused looked over to Ilan because clearly he wasn't authorized to say we're already working on a new one. And then Ilan said, oh, yeah. Don't don't worry about that. Like, you know, we're not here to talk about it today, but we are already halfway through development. Of the next version of this full self-driving chip, and we will of course, do the obvious things. You would in a second gen which sounds like they're going to do a process shrink. And then P Bannon said, yeah, we couldn't get all of the licensed IP. We wanted for ten nanometer or for lower nanometer. Yeah. Ten nanometer. So they had to do to fourteen nanometer. And so basically that just means when you strength the process is you can get lower power needs. And you can also get higher density of transistors. And so lower power and faster throughput, and I think the iphones now are like seven nanometer and a lot of the Samsung chips are at seven nanometer TSMC can do that. So being at fourteen is definitely a cheaper option. But I thought that was really funny. They talked about that in advance and open the door for people to start telling asking about what's happening with the next one. Why do you need another one? Because I thought that was a little weird though. Because I mean, obviously, they're gonna keep iterating on it. Even just in the same form factor to just like take advantage of like, you say like, diet drinks and the power savings that would come with that. Because I mean, they mentioned like, you know, if it's taking a hundred watts and their their estimate for the model three is about two hundred fifty watts per mile of driving. So one hundred lots of powers what's that like a third of a mile or quarter mile or something like that that it's to every hour. Yeah. Yeah. So it's it's it's I mean, it just seems obvious that they're going to just keep iterating on this. And especially when you look at like the the advances that are being. Made in in phones, like the latest iphone and pixel like they have like these really really low power like AI chips being built into them now, and you have to imagine that technology is going to start trickling into things like this, or you know, that sort of type of technology like the mobile phones, the mobile phone industry pushes forward a lot of other industries with the advances. They make well that's the interesting thing about Pete ban and having come from that world of doing the a series of chips at apple is he certainly quite aware of that. And I thought it was interesting to actually shared the timeline that they had started this team from no one just over three years ago. It took him about a year and a half to get the design complete, and then they started the manufacturing process and sample process, and so just now in April, and may are those ships shipping, but clearly the design team is now much larger than it was on day one and. And they are already, you know, approximately Ilan halfway through. And this guy knows how in this team knows how to ship chips on time..

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