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Jim Crane discussed on Sid Sports Sunday


Said that a thousand times two thousand times five thousand times okay yeah you get your court if you got Jim crane dead what is the guy priorities GM he fired his manager what else do you want the guy to do you want the guy to come stand up and go take my title away what moron would do that if you'll Gerrit Cole how does it how does it what do you gain by going out there and and ripping the Astros you will the Yankees now I want to win a World Series this year I shut everybody up what do you get when you have to gain by that will be nice to see you I guess this comma more love man Fred the commissioner of Major League Baseball was on this morning with call Robert you will be asked to calm down he is loyal without like call but he's going over the company as P. and talking about this cheating scandal tell him that the plow hold on a second in this got to set up to come down there in the sun in this caught he's talked about this a busser controversy according to some wholesale to van Alex Bregman had buzzers under the Jersey and you may remember went out to for you to hold on to beat the yanks in Chapman as he was coming to home plate he was one of his teammates don't rip my shirt off I think he said his wife would get mad he's got a tattoo who knows there's a million excuses but we all thought and maybe we all right he had a buzzer on the eight that was giving him the pitches now baseball has said that wasn't the case most of us don't believe that to be true but anyway he was a man Fred all of that situation given that the players told us you know chapter and verse about twenty seventeen and chapter and verse about twenty eighteen it does give some credibility to the the denials that were uniforms about the use of buzzers in twenty nineteen can I tell you one hundred percent certain that it didn't happen no a you can never know that you got a you know people tell you what they tell you I I will tell you the evidence on this issue was is consistent in the direction that nothing was going on as the evidence was consistent in the direction that there was an appropriate behavior and seventeen eighteen oh one more now as I've been saying for weeks it's enough I don't test commentary I love you like my own brother love the new Yankee fan in the past and I get all you guys out there but you know it's enough already so it's zero with the new season is starting to talk about the Mets and the Yankees today will get ready for a new year go out and beat the astro silvery body that they did she because they've been to the World Series twice and three years of a plate five hundred baseball this year we're gonna notice something up right on the other hand if they won a World Series then what are we going to say either way he is the commissioner rob Manfred talking about Willie how apologetic the actual players have been instead in their comments at least some of them you can see the fact that they that they understand are they have a fundamental obligation to play within the rules and I I don't think any of them feel like they've been absolved frankly one of the most important things that has to happen in order to put this episode it is the people never gonna forget about it but to move on from it all right so what do you have that so rob Manfred this morning Corey C. B. S. don't get a lot more sound Coley Ballenger of the Los Angeles Dodgers freaked out a couple days ago how the actual scores his team the title how once again Jose Altuve a course Yankee start airing George the MVP we've got him on we've got dusty Baker the new manager of the Houston Astros to replace the fired AJ Hinch and he's forty about retaliation thirty should be nine so should ma rob Manfred for me to leave baseball bolts of this segment of sit sports Sunday brought to you by my dear friend Pete mortgage and the fine folks at peerless borders for more information about pills borders go to peel those borders dot com we've got three wonderful guests today were talking Yankee baseball and I want to build one we're talking met baseball and and be a you.

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Jim Crane discussed on Sid Sports Sunday

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