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Yes they made it feel big day made a film portent it was just really really really an awesome this was done was first time beckham become occurs you in a while the rubber floors with first time caller per ruffling for a three hour show it reminded me a lot of the dynamic that today and west originally hat because floors the playbyplay guys with what he does who yohei's when he even sounded a little bit like my today the little bit not a lot though he admitted he did make met with my teammates appointed like he's calling it what micmac yes but through the renton but a floors the job a great job because he was a sports in the hacker valley worked with the w the work image on that work so was awesome here and thought was was awesome he made everything sound so exciting because the stones mess any not you know oca opening contest was for the impact tactic it pacts luxury of w tightly tunnels you had a lex you had mount fuji usually maury you at fantasma drago and gurzo junior and loreto kid charcos coal tratos really call it's the first time i've ever seen him i love the cost to the cia head the socal he's winks and everything slash l trusting this meps have low spots whose all spots spots bob spots bumped bought spot when he do this some of get sloppy cooling some of the breakup of the pence that's the negative want us one like there were times throughout the match where they were trying to break up pens and they were weak airtime swimming went for covers and they were really weak who going to cover your opponent actually put weight on it just don't to say hey here's my hand put some weight on it if you really are in public that's me they're so spots where there seen allo allen plays league.

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