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And and as we're talking about what to do this spring hemlock woolly adele jade application of tree and trump to your hemlock trees in the springtime is the second best time that you can make an application of and trump to control adele jet the first time is last fall and the second best time is right now and that has to do with wendy wendy adult female hunters down on the leaf and settles in for the winner and turns into an egg sac and releases a number of more adele jets to reinvest the area so now as winter leaves us as we really get into spring so we don't have any waterlogged soils or frozen soils you make an application of tree and trump to your hemlock you'll control the existing adele jets on the on the plant keep it clean for about a year and to go a long ways to keeping your hemlock alive because this is a this is a pest that is killing hemlock all up and down the appalachians this is really simple thing to do also you you you you walk up to the tree you measure at chest height the circumference of the tree and that number in inches is the number of announces of liquid tree and shrub you put into a gallon of water and poor at the base of the tree and let it soak in let the roots take up the pickup the chemical into the into the treaty and kill the adel jets i liked the dike around the base so that the so that the one gallon one gallon plus of of of mixed comical really soaks in right where you need it but that's all you have to do.

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