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Bali's airport authoritay last night there were shovel airline should cancel flights such as k l m jetstar air asia and virgina passengers have been welsh shirt some of them are lodged in hotels flew with other airlines and egyptian officials investigating friday's massacre a mosque say the attackers were flying the flag glamoc state more than three hundred people died in the assault in northern sinai imam mohammad fatah says the attackers showed no mercy uh about two minutes brought forward what sounded like an explosion outside the most people came in firing at all the worshippers hitting anybody and everybody global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilholf this is bloomberg marcus bikes whereabouts sandra nearly full with the morning sports his call embezzling manchester city of eight points clear at the top of the premier league a late goal from brian stirling help them come from behind to beat huddersfield two asta arcelor to the trump four but alexa sanchez injurytime penalty giving them a one nowin and everton's with struggles under can't take it boss david unsworth continue following a four one thumping at southampton wolves lead at the top of the championship is back to four points secondplaced cardiff narrowed the gap with a twonil win at nottingham forest celtic remain on course to make it backtoback trebles nature attending the scottish league cup brendan rogge's side with two new winners over motherwell in the final at hampden he's the first celtic boss to win four domestic trophies in a row since junk stain meanwhile aberdeen a three points off the top of the scottish premiership they narrowed the gap on celtic with a three one victory abdul monarch but have now played a game more the mellitus of franz a davis cup tennis champions for the first time since two thousand and one waiting for luke belgium's steve dorsey cbs three two victory in the final of ago vive la calle's caroline hick davis scout grace i can try from spores he got lowest ahead for bloomberg daybreak hear president trump tweeted is a big week for tax cuts and many other things of great importance next we look ahead to the republicans plan to push a tax overhaul to the president's death by the end of the year this is a lifetime life kevin gallagher is.

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