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And a lot's gonna change depending on September and October. 'cause I don't know. Maybe they lose the wild card game. And a complete implosion feels necessary. Maybe they go on a magical run in Jewish Ella is the ALCS MVP. They're probably not trading with that peak as much as they'd like to. Honestly, it's ridiculous, but the small sample size of September and October are probably going to affect this team's next steps more. And then you want them to. Maybe they wouldn't for a ruthless asshole team like the Red Sox who, you know, Red Sox propaganda in full force. Again, as they choke away every bit of their lead, I still saw a lot of hunter Renfro as outperforming Mookie betts takes on Tuesday. Yeah, have them fucking both losers. You could have both. You could have both players. I think an asshole team like the Red Sox would not look at the narrative and would just go and start stripping bear. It doesn't matter who the ALCS MVP is. If we're gonna have a confusing fit for him on the roster in 2024, then he's gone. But I do think the eggies are gonna look at that. And I do think, you know, or shalla is more likely to be the odd man out and then they use a combination of like Wayne Velazquez on the bench next year, move labor to second move DJ to third, mess around, you know, extending or extend Rizzo, keep boy, whatnot. I think the next month that I have is going to matter. But as of now, I do think Velazquez probably the first man off the roster for Torres and they're using him now to use him as long as they have him. Yeah. It's unfortunate, but we hopefully have better guys coming back. Hopefully we're Torres got the rest that he needed to kind of get back on track. We still have not seen what we needed to see from him this year. Maybe that now that's going to be something that you have to watch in September because are they going to want to go into the playoffs with a shaky labor shaky defensive glaber if he doesn't look good over the last three weeks of the season at short?.

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