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Figure out what your keywords and then it sounds like step three is get a tool to start measuring your existing website and or you know, your competitors web sites, I guess and say, you know where the holes are. I mean you can we can go through like every single thing but a tool will you can oftentimes take your site plug it in and it'll do an audit for you and you have to point out. Efficiencies. I mean there's we have lots of content on our site Esq or I'm sorry Esq. Marketing where you can you know learn about some of the common things to look for or what call it on site SEO some of the things that are related to your site that you have control over that you need to change and a lot of it has to do with content organization, you know, making judgement. Each page is is targeting a specific rephrase making sure that the keyword phrases are in in key foundational places of those pages, you know in the title of the meta descriptions and the headings making sure that you have robust content. Expand what I always tell people is Google that keyword phrase and see what the top-ranking pages are. Look at their content and then try to make your content better than those those pages make your moving too fast math. I'm a slow you down cuz so get a tool like a sem rush or Maz. I like the paid version sounds like you're using some version of that too. And then make sure your website is structured to be optimized for search. That is probably where a company like you comes in. Right? Like that's not something that I'm going to New Jersey or a customer's going to know that's where you guys add your secret sauce that whole statement encompasses a lot of moving parts. So there's a lot to look for when you're talking about auditing off-site structure. Yep, and you if you do go out and sign up for a tool and plug your site in and get an audit you'll you'll see that you'll learn that..

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