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You're listening to Chicago's afternoon news. I'm Steve Berg. I believe Americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent Supreme Court and interprets our Constitution and laws as they're written, But I believe I conserve my country by playing that wolf. That's Amy Conan Barrett at Amy Cockney Barrett. I should say. At the nomination hearings the confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier today it's expected that the committee could vote as soon as Friday to approve her nomination. It's expected as well that there's not gonna be much to stop. But the Democrats have said as much that they think it will go through. That's one of the stories that Ashley catches watching. She's the national correspondent for News Nation and joins us most days at this time. Ashley, Welcome back. I'm glad you decided to come back this week. I'm not hearing Ashley. We all connected therein. We're gonna have to reconnect with Ashley Kim. I know you had many of the top news stories in your newscast there, but you didn't report the Tribune is saying that the old country bath light Buffet has closed its last Illinois restaurant. That's probably the saddest thing I've heard all day. Do you do you like my parents used to bring my kids to the old country buffet all the time. It was like their weekend treat they would go and when I was growing up there, kids love a good buffet kids and grandparents. Still, I think, but when I was a kid, there's a place called the Red Wood in And but it used to be a small thing like we used to call him smorgasbord. Have you ever heard of that? Sure, Okay, so we go to the smorgasbord, and that's where they would have the deep fried shrimp and I would just sit. There is a 12 year old and just fill my plate with deep fried shrimp over and over and over again, But ah, the pandemic is causing problems, obviously, and but I'm afraid the country in buffet is not the only you know Only buffet that's gone by the wayside since the pandemic. I think buffets in general are a thing of the past for a while. Yeah, I wonder if they will. You know, I was at AA is at a grocery store earlier. This week, and they had the soup back. You could pour your own soup. Really. Every salad bar that I've seen in a grocery is basically gone, and they have everything pre packaged sitting inside the salad bar area. No, my Mariano's Now they've got the hot bar back. Couple. Really. Speaking of backup. Ashley catches with this actually thought you bolted on us there first would miss a Monday so big story would well, first while the president is wheels up. He's on his way to Florida for a campaign rally, and it's just us. He was leaving. His doctor came out with a little notice, right? That's right. We all saw the memorandum from his physician, giving the public the first inclination that he has tested negative. For covert 19. This was the Abbott auntie Gin test. Important to note here that this wasn't the only time he was tested in isolation. This is a consecutive days of testing that have taken place to get to this determination. Okay, So he, according to that statement in the Implication is that he's not contagious. Grow exactly Okay, but he wasn't altogether in isolation, either, right? He was moving around the White House grounds for a while. And there were some that there was a least one event this weekend. Correct? Yeah, eso theirs at the President's up, he leaves behind in Washington, Amy Cockney Barrett, who looks to be well on her way to confirmation for the Supreme Court. Justice. That's right. We saw the hearings get underway this morning. And just in the last few moments it looks like the AP is reporting that The committee. The Judiciary Committee is already scheduled a vote Thursday morning before the hearings have ended so late a visit and hear this yet? No. So Thursday. They're supposed to have witnesses, right? Like character references or things like that. I would imagine, you know all we know at this point, it's scheduled for four days and This is now, according to the committee, Lindsey Graham, the chairman of that committee has scheduled a vote. So, according to the AP for 9 A.m. Thursday morning, So do you think they'll vote? And then hear from the witnesses. They're just kind of blow off. Maybe they think they're gonna go through the witnesses more quickly. You know, it's unclear right now, because you know, you have to look at the the rules and I think you're supposed to wait a week before you would vote. Really? Which would be October 22nd. Well, but that'd be the committee. I mean, that'd be the senator's a hole, right? Exactly right. So I was watching a little bit of it today. What came out of it really Looks like it's a done deal. Obviously well, today, you know, she gave him a nice brief introduction of all of her seven Children and of which all the mamas I'm sure understood that And we're you know, understood how proud she was of her own Children. But she talked about The impact of the decisions that she would be faced with if she if she was elected to the Supreme Court, And she said that she would treat them as her own Children, the people who would be impacted by these big decision. What's the story? You're covering out of Louisiana? Okay, there's a good one. Also, if you're watching tonight, about eight o'clock, there's 11 year old boy. Who stole a school bus and not only stole the school bus but took it on a 45 minute joyride. But police On a joy ride ride for about 15 miles. It all ended safely, but you'll want to see the video. You have me. Do you have brought blood arrested? You have to blow out part of the video. No, we're showing that you can't see the child's face. No, but I'm a pretty good pace through town. I heard he was slipping off. The cops would buy them though there was a middle finger involved on and some laughing. I believe that the officers about about 20 of them, This was an all hands on deck pursuit this morning. It's another reason to watch news Nation tonight for you. Thanks for joining us today.

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