Murder, Sean Spicer, Danny Glover discussed on We Hate Movies - Episode 322 - Saw


What does that have to do with being jigsaw puzzle a puzzle box i mean well well may i bring up one point of this movie that drives me absolutely insane every every mao how he posits that i'm not murder he killed them so hope right here even someone else says that now that's on the edge jigsaw doesn't say that they will be of room i think it's ken longer is one of them is like technically there he's making people commit suicide which is complete non nobody's you here had a situation where you'll either die or die even worse so dealing this area you put somebody in a room and pump poisonous gas in the room you are killing them that's the fuck an end of it i think is sean spicer would argue a you on that but okay i'm sorry killing center i cannot imagine for me it would be like i'd be at a pizza place on it ordered three slices a pizza and the jigs oba now steven one of these slight the third slices poison can you aegis to slices of any jews lloyds abbey god we'll be too that would be that would then i would be killing myself because i would that be testing myself right yeah exactly the first tour cheese last as pepperoni i'm is good as dead so we will follow danny glover for a while because basically like carrio is that oh i think i know who this guy is right and carry always is actually the first suspect.

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