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Now, what was a common thread through all of that was the hallmark is a relationship business. Right. So really deeply understanding how people relate to one another, what they need from other people, what they hope for from other people what deepens relationship strengthens them repairs them, et cetera. So that's something I have very deep expertise in, obviously, but I was also always just super passionate about talent. Like unleashing talent, does everyone have what do they know what they need to know? Do they have what they need to have, right? Are they inspired by what they need to be inspired by in order to grow and really contribute at their highest possible level? And that came true for me because whatever job I was doing functionally, I always loved the leading part the most. So that was the thread all the way through, but what happened in my personal life is I was living in Kansas City. I was going to ask you about that. So if you don't mind a little side note, did you know Gordon Mackenzie? I didn't know him personally, but of course I know of Gordon McKenzie. Everybody. Yes. So his daughter was in my wedding. She was the brightest. Really? Yeah, my wife and his daughter are very close friends and have been since childhood. So when I heard you all read his book. Yeah, of course. So when I heard you were coming on today, I was like, remind me who Heather's dad is. She was like, oh, yeah, Gordon Mackenzie. I was like, well, I'm going to ask. And I wondered if you actually lived in Kansas because we're based out of Wichita. And so we're 17 years old. So I didn't mean to interrupt your story, but I just wanted to see if you obviously knew who he was. So yes. So you're living in Kansas City. So you're living in Kansas City. I was in the succession plan for corporate officer. So I had been working toward, you know, that C suite for a bit. And then I had gone through a divorce. I reconnected with someone I knew in college. We decided we wanted to get married and blend our families and it necessitated a move from Kansas City to Texas. And that was catalyst because I had my career all planned out. You know, if I had stayed in Kansas City, I plan to retire from hallmark. That's kind of what I had in my head. This party moving till I don't want to work anymore. It was great work. It's a great company, great people. And then when I knew I had to move to Texas, things really shifted because I couldn't operate at that level and not live in Kansas City, not with the work that I was doing, because hallmark is a very community centric company. It's privately owned and deeply entrenched in the community. Right. So because of the kind of work I do, it wasn't going to work for me to do it remotely. And I just had to rethink what am I going to do now, right? Which made me basically ask myself, what am I passionate about? What am I good at? What do I believe my professional purpose is? And when I started connecting some of those dots, I recognize that leadership development and then ultimately culture work was where I believed I could make the most impact. Very interesting. And I always love in every backstory. There's that. I'm sure there's stuff around the divorce and stuff around the move and stuff around getting remarried. And then you say blending of families I think you've got 6 kids between the two of you, right? So the blending of families and I'm just like there's all kinds of fun stuff there. Meaning, meaning lots of life. Lots of life and I would also guess lots of introspection to your point, questioning what am I good at? What am I passionate about? And then having the confidence to do something with that, right? It's one thing to say, you know, it's one thing to go through something, whether you want to or not the death of a family member or a divorce or a company, not going the way you think it should go or whatever that may be. But then it's another to embrace that lean in and use that as a catalyst for positivity, right? Because if you were to stay at hallmark, I guess I'm just connecting all the dots here. So if you would have stayed at hallmark, I'm guessing that this book never gets written. If that's. Yeah, I mean, I don't think so. I really don't think so. I think I would have just been leading at those various levels and that would have, that would have kept me busy enough, right? Hopefully satisfied enough. And I don't think the book gets written. I really don't. The good news is there are skills. I am an introspective person to a fault. I think a lot about what I'm thinking. So there are good things and bad things about that. I think we can all probably acknowledge it. It sounds like you not only have kids, you have apparently little ones, little times. I have a menagerie.

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