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The stone riders on the stall and a little part of me is thinking that maybe he did go to paris just to get away from all of this as much as anything else. While some charges went away it was the other things that happened in the the stuff involving the faa in federal charges. That weren't going away. That really were hanging over him. Maybe that mattered a little bit in the move that he made. I'm not giving. Jim morrison a pass for his behavior on the flight. Or anything like that. Because i was totally unacceptable completely unacceptable and wrong then now and everywhere in between as a role on the same page. Yeah there's no way that we would be supporting that but at the same time. I don't have a problem with dude whipping his dick out on stage while he's performing now if you were to rub one out. I think that's a big problem but again. If you pay rigi allen show you know what you're getting if jim morrison singing and his penis happens to fall out of his trousers big deal. I think that Things are different. Now there's they are always changing different now than they were then and if you look at it they were trying to get something they could string him up by his genitals with and they found that the bigger stick was the federal charges of what happened on the plane. If you want to avoid these situations in life then as now don't do stupid shit on airplanes end of story and of the discussion and really maybe to some degree. So we kind of wrap up of the discussion about whether morrison left because the pressure. I'm sure that the pressure was pretty intense. Look at the legal problems he had. And i think he was smart enough to know that the federal charges were a hell of a lot worse than the miami dade county charges or the The new haven charges. Because those were local authorities versus flying on a flight from la to phoenix. I'm betting wing you found the fbi file. You thought this'll be anything to read and learn about not knowing that we'd be sitting here on the whole thing apart just taken apart this at the i. File is very revealing about what we were doing with our government and artists that were over or on the edge back then the same way or similarly to what was going on in uk and that may be the biggest thing that i take away from all of this also the fact that they were very on top of what was going on in quote unquote counter culture as they called it. So i'm sure the amount of f. b. i. files from that time on musicians artists and people who spoke against the system are rather large. And i'm sure that if you alive during that time and had an arrest record or did anything of that nature in your youth during that time. You might have a page or two in the fbi. Archives stopped at. Don't tell anybody. I i'm not doing anybody about your lips. Lift out what it comes down to is some of the things marcus that we've suspected for a while That he maybe didn't even intend on coming back and doing anything in the future with the doors or anything else in other words. Some of these things that we've kicked around when you're not on the podcast kicking around there may be some validity to some of those claims or thoughts and learned a lot about behind the scenes. How powerful people will try to make things happen. That are on a personal purely personal. Not even a political agenda. You wanna play politics. That's one thing but when you take something like this and some of the words that were exchanged or offensive to me as an american. I agree with you on that and i don't understand why the government went after people like this so hard well really nasty. Words came from that one guy that broadcast guy. That's true is what's important similar to what i think. Our mission was when we set out on the brian jones project so Another unusual circumstance in a different kind of an episode. And hey look folks. We missed something. We know it so tell us what. It is at Imbalance history at g mail dot com the best way to email us where you can find us on social media to We're on facebook. I know i post stuff on there. You've got instagram covered. Really well and we also have twitter at imbalanced history stuff. I don't think we're ever getting one. Just say no we would have gotten it by now so fish come on jack. Get with the program all right. That's gonna do it for art. Dig into jim. Morrison's fbi file. Hope you learn something. We sure did from the dark dax studios signing off. I'm re kube on marcus. Goldman this is the imbalance history of rock and roll. You've got the latest. Jim queued up. The sound system cranked. 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