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As the answers i got back were they weren't sure how much it is corner the leadership committee there actually is well how good of a job done at usc because we know he's the office coordinated were from a distance i don't have a great handle what is responsibilities already today you'll he does a boils boils award semifinalists which is usually a beats play health at least nominated them for the award you know i thought he did it did a decent job this year considering they have a lot of a lot of uh so basically have hats for gough i said line that a lot of young researchers i'll say this for joe he is the receivers coach and you look you know you probably keep up on the nfl more than i get a chance to but you do smith schuster there's a bunch of guys who he coached to help develop who've really turned out to be a lot better in the nfl that probably a lot of people would have bought and i know how wellregarded years by some of the players that program so towards that end i think you know he would get highmore from the guys who lease coached the kid is you know he doesn't have any add coaching experience or you're talking about you know jumping into the deep under the pool you know and as a little blindly uh i guess a lot of that would also depend on who would he name as his coordinators and the people he would lean on and how much experience as they have you know so i i wouldn't underestimate him 'cause i again i go back to some of the individual work he's done you know a guy like randall cobb who you know it's been really good in the nfl that was a t guy kentucky he's developed some really good players as a college coat all right that is bruce melvin sigmatic sports also s icom thanks so much appreciated you got always a pleasure to talk to you i made you have good would use be radials presented by progress be sure as we prepare raise the using up so you get the best deal even if it's now with us save you time and money on this progressive com click today the right.

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