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Do you run your way through that. That calm this point right and then then your freedom to move in whatever direction to move to get it done right. I'm models things week. So that's what we're here to help you get over. This is what case here for. I'm excited are you ready to go guys. Are we ready. Are you ready for this now. I ready to do. Can you really help us do today. Yes again all right well. We shall see okay episode of the authority project. All right ladies and gentlemen boys barrels. Feast your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how built authority airfield. And how you can mimic developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. All right here. It is brian authority project evening edition. I am late today. Eight o'clock four o'clock or less or eight o'clock in the evening in we're in the middle of this because my we have the center of calmness men decay met. The guy became wearing a is here to help us. Yes we are good. We are good. I wish it has some. I wish he has some bitter newcomb music but Hey i'm i'm sure we'll hear natalie here will be all right in a group that works for me. Take calmness vibe that writing there you go so let's get started. You're here to help us help us. I'm getting to the central comets in business but before we get started. Please tell us who you are personally and professionally. Thanks for the introduction bryant. Such pleasure to be here on the authority project and i empty. Kate warner imax. Father of eight children total of ten of us in the family. Then i live in texas. About five years i've lived in the mid west lived in florida a couple of other places but mostly getting it done right so i've had a chance to work at several different. Corporate environments have an mba masters in engineering. So i've been down the educational route two and of course through all those experiences. See my sheriff. Both success and failure that generated a process. That really focused me in this concept of calmness. Okay okay. I was thinking that you need disincentive with hbo children. Oh absolutely had eight of them. I had five of them right all natural born children who stepped right and you can just imagine. I just think if you have one or two kids which is a little bit more common writing and it is a Say jane comes up and ask for something or you take out price. Whatever and then and that donald come in and then you'll spend some time with him. Well wait. Five kids work is that you multiply that by two and a half right. Just a constant stream of blah blah blah blah blah blah. Shift shift chip shift. Yeah so i suppose that is where some of the some of the concepts released the need for these concepts so began awesome awesome Take us into the project that you're currently working right now. Which occurred project. I'm working on a project. Actually that that is launching as a program. The program itself has called stressed to success. And that. but that's really the end. Let's begin at the beginning. Which is a method that i developed to to address the issue with with myself a chronic anxiety. So even though i'm doing all this stuff right. I had an underlying issue of chronic anxiety that that had developed in my own life and i was only two years old. I was in some kind of accident. I can't really explain what what triggered it but there is something about that loss of control. It happened that day in florida on the back of the bike. Where i just it. It triggered a panic scenario. Right now i i know. There's there's there's probably not that many in the audience experiences personally but there's there's several million folks in the us at a minimum that that have some form of anxiety that's like clinical level that something that's treatable by hand. This is big of as attention in my life. And i carry through on the oldest experience talking about alter these educational opportunities as well as in in the corporate environment until in one particular very difficult political scenario at one corporation. I win at a total shutdown. And at that point i had it was it was it was point that i'm sure a lot of a lot of your guests have reached at some point or another way that you simply realize shift must be made right or else or else they. The alternative is so much more negative than than if you don't make that shift and so i began putting the pieces together. I have a little bit of martial arts background. And some other stuff that that i put the. Nra began focusing us some training efforts and really put thousands of hours of training into developing a way to overcome this chronic anxiety. That were nearly would take you know. Therapy prescriptions perhaps a lot of support groups. Things like that to manage anxiety. But i need to do eliminating zayed. Because i i have a lot of aspirations. I want to move forward. I want to be able to give back right and that was one thing. Is that the the sixth seventh and eighth children in my family. Were all adopted. Art at my part of my give back opportunity where we're able to go out into an eastern european orphanage and and and finding that needed a home desperately before they were aged out of the system and moving in adult institutions where they were gonna have a time of surviving and it's my vision to go back and and help other families find children that they can they can help and bring them out of the orphanages a back in the families. But in order to do that i've got a i've got to get some stuff out on my own right in the business world and so that's put all that together and that's where this concept of center of columnist came from gazette through the method that i developed which i called the decay method of anxiety elimination. I found my own personal center calmness as i shared this with a couple of clients. Just one on one. I found that they were able to find their own center of columnists as well. So it was a transferable method not to teach and from there. I started the podcast senator columnist to start a discourse in a conversation in bring multiple solutions. Actually not even including my own but looking at other solutions that are out there for the audience to find ways to reach their own center of columnists and then from there. I began thinking about the the corporate applications. Where i know for sure because i was in those scenarios where you stressed out. You're out of control. You don't quite have the avenues. Are the directions that that would get you to the point of success. Because there's somebody in your way is a political agenda working against your project or any number of different scenarios that exist and are kind of artificially there with inc's or even or even medium sized businesses where not everyone's interests are aligned with the direction of the business right and we'll get into three three components of overcome that but you put all that together and that's where the stress to success program came from because i know there's a lot of folks in corporations that are stressed. I was and the solution. They need a quick solution because they don't have time to go to the himalayan mountains meditate for six months right. I need something right now to get this done in india back to work if you will and get back to being productive and productive but fruitful and successful right where they said that's great stuff that's great staff because i i guess just knowing some of the corporate world is like i.

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