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In presidential election years, it's super easy to focus all of your attention on the presidential race and in some ways. That's that's a trick. It's IT'S A it's a distraction. I'm not saying it's not important. It's. Uber important but there are so many vital essential races. And what I think might be. The second most important race. Could be the race for district attorney of Los. Angeles. I am backing and supporting George GASCON who is running to replace Jackie Lacey who's been horrible. But now is the time not tomorrow not next week not next month. Now is the time to start caring about who the next district attorney of Manhattan is going to be. As you probably know the Manhattan Da's office has been terrible. For Generations. I mean destructive. It was that office that was singularly. Responsible for prosecuting the Central Park. Five. And tens of thousands of other young black and Brown children and teenagers and have refused. To prosecute. Many privilege white people for actual crimes. and. Here we are. And it's now time for us to decide who we're going back WHO's going to stand up for us. Who is going to be able to have the backbone, the credibility, the character, the integrity to not only lead that office, but to change it from the inside out. Today. I have that answer for you. I want to tell you why I am endorsing and supporting into Hannie Obuchi to be the next district attorney of Manhattan. I'm GonNa, tell you why it matters to you. This is Shaun King.

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