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In Kenosha last night after the D a rules that there will not be charges filed in the Jacob Blake shooting. Tony Bedrock of our staff was there both in the summer for those protests, and he was also there again last night. Tony joins us live. The first Midwest make hotline on WTMJ, Tony. Thanks for getting up early forced, I guess. First question obviously is comparing contrast what you saw last night in terms of intensity crowd size everything and contrast that with what you saw this summer. Good morning, Jean. I think definitely last night. We didn't quite see the numbers that you're used to seeing in August, which was maybe in the hundreds of thousands last night, just a couple of dozen people in the immediacy of the decision. Still had people marching through the streets, led by members of Jacob Legs. Family is most specifically his uncle and his message was the decision was felt like a slap in the face. He wanted people not to get this courage because of the decision. Leading them through the streets marching really the message saying that their fight is an over. They plan on taking this to Kenosha and beyond. He mentioned that they plan on leading marches in Washington, D. C. We're about mid month. You really take their message to the elected leaders. That's November because they're not giving up yet. Tony. I'm curious. Do any of his supporters. Jacob, like supporters acknowledged that he had had previous run ins with the law. He did have an outstanding warrant. Not that this justifies what happened to him. I'm just wondering if that is ever acknowledged. Not in any of the messaging that we see that will be taking it through the streets coming together. Really? They focus is completely on the blame of father's arrest in Chesky they wanted charged with attempted murder. They said he had no right doing what he did, and it's really just kind of Emphasizes a systemic problem that they continue to see. Is that really in the messaging that we here and it's really they keep the focus on what the officer did wrong, as opposed to Won't take a Blake might have done wrong. WTMJ is Tony Bennett is live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on WTMJ. Tony. What was the police president presents like Were there any counter protesters? And it seems some TV interviews with some of the folks on the streets last night. He said that they were sure that there were members of the proud boys watching them last night as they were protesting. I don't know how they would know that, but That's what the some of these folks were saying. Did you see any counter demonstrations or anything like that? I didn't see anything. Get intense degrees A couple times in August Won't mainly the people I was Following is it seemed like they were walking through the streets. They had police presence. I guess you could say, just controlling traffic a couple blocks down. They get my cars and tried a corner off or follow blackout traffic so that these protesters could take it to the streets. Close to the Civic Center park. That's where a lot of these demonstrations kind of got heated in August. You see some onlookers, people standing by vehicles, but as far as anything face to face your intensity with protesters and counter process, there's nothing of that. Like Things relatively calm has opposed earlier this summer. Team chase. Tony Bedzyk was there in August for the protests in Kenosha. He was there again last night watching the demonstrations. Peaceful ones last night in Kenosha, Tony. Thank you so much for sharing what you saw. You're welcome. You bet a 25 wtmj. Steve's graffiti is next, Your Milwaukee.

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