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Homes with already ordering residents of six hundred seventy five homes to get out this morning after the fire burning north of durango nearly doubled in size it's covering twenty six square miles now in hot dry windy weather residents of nearly two thousand homes have been ordered to evacuate and all told as reporter alison martinez tells us from the scene here in the middle of town and the smoke is really rolling in the wind doesn't seem to be dying down at all they're under a red flag warning and that went into effect yesterday because of the and wendy conditions and then overnight the fire saw significant growth at nearly doubled in size so far no structures have been lost hurricane bud forming in the pacific off the coast of mexico it's the second hurricane of the season tropical storm watch is issued for south western coast of mexico forecasters say bud could approach the baja california peninsula late this week actor jackson odell has died the twenty year old found unresponsive at his home in tarzana california odell played ari caldwell in the tv sitcom the goldbergs and appeared in episodes of baden family and arrested development he was also on the popular kids show i carly an autopsy is being conducted at the box office oceans eight filkins with jake and forty one point five million greatest still sir yes solo slides into second place fifteen point two billion dollars that's in its third weekend this weekend's third biggest opening film the acclaimed indie horror thriller heredity fire shots down in historic pub and restaurant in downtown boston fire crews rushing to the scene jacob worth's on stuart street around six o'clock yesterday customers had to rush out no one was hurt the fire was quickly put out jake works has been around since eighteen sixty eight it'll remain closed for now due to water damage hi this is josh binswanger hope you're enjoying your weekend be sure to join me monday morning for.

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