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Hi I'm Nick Nick Turner and we are the House of get rich nick but this podcast we are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which which ones actually work and which ones are worth attack like donating plasma online poker task. Grab it writing e books. We're walking dogs on rover. Where a high jacking a truck going southbound in Tijuana. No one's going anywhere until we get what we want. Get Rich. Nick is out now listening stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your your podcasts hello everybody and welcome to episode of narratives. Isn't your host if you want me as always heels Standing Fernandez How's it going. It's going good. How's your week going. You know I'm so excited that I don't know when we decided collectively as a people that September was tober season yeah yeah it really likes. Halloween is getting the Christmas treatment and they're just bumping it because I was going through the store yesterday and they only it was like Halloween those like what and it was all decked out with Halloween decorations and I was like all right hang out with her. Danny no yeah no she's really early into hangs and seeing Halloween stuff and it's way cooler now. She can vocalise the things that she needs so it's it's. It's easier here to be cannot wait to take her to her. First Real haunted house. I know she's like she's like definitely got the IFFY scaredy cat because like there was a little little like plushed a witch thing that you could put on your porch and it's just like still being and I was like. Oh you want to see it pulled it down and she was in the shopping cart and she liked jerked worked backwards like what is this no poked it in the stomach and then she was like okay. I mean that's good though because kids can be really terrifying when when it comes to scary things one of my friends was telling me that his nephew would just be like the man is back point to nothing this is this is why I I will live vicariously through easily see ghost like you. I remember when she was little she was like she was looking being in a corner where there was nothing and smiling and I was like Oh there's there's ancestors something segue segue in the worst way possible breaking review on what would it be like. You have kids so you I was yeah I was going to say you to at the table have kids and I do not that other voice is screenwriter and and a good friend of ours Marc Bernardin. Hey you know who I blamed for Halloween. Moving up starbucks trail. It's Pumpkin spice. Oh Yeah and like they've been marching that up to the August. You Know Y'all got a snow down. You're a spooky head. You're a horror person. Let's okay okay. There's there's a dividing line between me and horror which ends at like the ring like before that like I was totally down for like. Give me all evil dead. Give me the number now. She's giving the Halloween's. Give me all of that stuff and then the ring happen and I was like not having it and then after that I turned into like the biggest worse you've ever seen in the world to the point. We're like I won't go see a movie. In theaters. I wear to a birthday party at the at the Alamo draft house over the weekend and been having clowns only screenings and aw I found myself an elevator with a dozen clowns and like have never been more concerned for my well being that's so cool though because the AMC that I went to to see it said no face paints you grinches don't even try this. It's so funny because that's the same I'm the same way won't see a scary movie but now I do who shot ya which is a movie podcast and the and now it's time for the second scary movie because I had to see scary stories and now I have to go see it which I'm probably going to see tomorrow morning. that's the way going the day save stand outside and through the door got as Clinton I I watched the whole movie with like squinted squinted through like tiny is no just I'm a I'm a no major level. Worse comes to that real. I remember you told me I forgot Oh. You said that you're like going to some haunted experience that you have to do and I was. I literally texted you back just like if he real life is much scarier than so. You're already prepped I. I know it's being like Brown. In America. Everything is scary. I don't need to like jollies out of going to the whole all the news. You want to watch a ROM COM lease mark. We've been starting our podcast with what we're geeking out about this week. So what are you geeking what about of two things that are making about the first one is the terror colon infant new yeah on on AMC which I didn't see the first season of terror but as I understand it was a bunch of like British dudes on a ship in the middle of nowhere like locked in by ice and then there's a monster whatever this one is about like Japanese interment interment camps just after like you know World War Two kicks out just after Pearl Harbor and it's all about like there's a ghost haunting these particular people in this particular time in this particular place it is so culturally specific to what it was like to be a Japanese American when suddenly the country turned against issue and the specific specifically Japanese thing that's haunting them yeah you know and so it's so like just rich and vibrant with texture and and lived in feeling of this is what is haunting people who now can't escape from where they want to be. It's it's phenomenal. It's so good. The other living is this reality show on net flix called hyper drive. Have you guys seen this now have seen the ad it is like like American Ninja Warrior except it's with cars and also these people own these cars okay so it's like so it's it's a bunch of like you know you're. GonNa Drift around the track and you got to like drive up into a jump-off jump-off this clip giant cliff. That's a balancing beam and then you gotta go hit these cones. Whatever every other ron is somebody destroying their own forty thousand AH brothers Lamborghini into this crash and so it's both like the joy of watching really good drivers very good on the road as fast and furious and watching like super entitled people wrap their like like prestige elite motorcars around telephone poles that has to be such a liability though totally who Lee is I would terrify me every episode. Someone might die. Look like Di. Di Sure you're just is going to kind of ruin their life. I mean it's like mass car. 'cause like somebody could die. They never do okay but it's just like that. Guy Guy. He deserves it because they all because there's always like that camera interviews like My name is billy. Bob Lobbied Blah Helen. My name is Finn from this country. Whatever and I've got my fancy car going to do this. Thing like the deuce bags are always the ones themselves around trees and it's always like the you know the the young drift from Japan. Who's got his his dad's Dotson that he's tuned up. It's like man. I'm GonNa win this thing and he wins this thing. Yes I'm here. I'm here for both of those shows. I'm very different reason locking into that. We'll see what I'm learning out about is I've talked about Junji. Ito before Horror Manga writer artists and they're actually adapting one of his books into an anime for adult swim which you know normally. I just said how I don't like scary stuff but yeah I think stuff is more creepy stuff except for the supermodel where that one is terrifying but it's also funny and terrifying which you know if if you ever Ge Junji Ito one of his stories. Is this like model that this he's going through this book this guy and he sees this woman goes. Oh she's ugly. How is she a model. This is so creepy and she's like he keeps starts having nightmares of this woman and then he like throws the book the magazine ways like Oh man he's telling their his friends about it. They don't believe him and he he's like man. I can't you know and he's telling friends and he's like fine. The magazine and you can't find the magazines it was like no for real she was horrifying but the filmmakers and so they're like they're looking for actresses for their movie and then the lady sins in her head shot and that's that's that's her. That's the woman and then they're they're like all right. Then we'll just casting is like no don't caster and it's like and so they do caster and it's really awkward and they're driving out to the woods for this shot and like one of them makes a joke and like it's like shade towards her but she doesn't doesn't get it and she laughs when she laughs she opens up her mouth and she has these huge giant teeth and they're like Yo head. You got no one else saw it but the guy he's like. She has giant union calm down. You just need to call in town and they're like no and so like obviously since they like Kassar for a gag. They're not really shooting her. They're focusing on this model that they're real excited about and she's like why haven't you taken a photo for me me and they're like Oh. We're going to get to you. We're just focusing on her and then they're like in time passes and they have lunch and they'll go. Where is our lead actress. In a guy runs up covered gordon blogs joe she's eating the lead actress and go to the woods and she has these giant teeth and she's she's like covered in blood and she goes well. I guess you can focus on me now because you know because she's gone and she chases them. Emerges minutes like the one of the very few like Horror Horror Junji Ito stories because normally it's just like more creepy kind of twilight zone asked stories but that was the first house like this is terrifying. Thank funny and fun so I'm excited for that coming to adults call. That's that's an issues yeah. It's also has a whole book dedicated to his cats like he just like totally. Wholesome sounds like a cat person to be honest? I love throwing throwing shade whenever I can as a dog person. The thing I'm geeking out about is a book by Shelby Laura and she if you follow her on instagram you would know her as the account awards words for good boys if you don't you need to she has like three hundred thousand followers I found her. She's so hilarious. The book is awards for Good Boys Tales of dating dating double standards and doom. It's where she sarcastically gives awards to the most basic things that you should do in a relationship like didn't didn't man splaine the first four van Halen vinyls. I just made that up but she's great. She's super funny and like everyone. I feel like in comedy follows lose her and it's awesome so check out her book. I think it just dropped or else. I'm just becoming aware of it but also follow her on instagram. She's hilarious. I mean to be fair. Diver down on is the best really the only reason I like. I'm not you know I didn't grow up in the eighties and so I don't and why are you laughing. That's such a specific. I didn't grow old so listen now. I feel people 'cause I'm going to say they poop on me always know eighteen music from before my generation but it's difficult to have to know the music of my generation generation the music of the generation now the music of past generations when it's just not my thing however a very kind man. I will say he's a very nice person that I dated is obsessed with Van Halen and so I also named mark also name Yeah. Let's just also mark. We'll just name curriculum regular. All of US learn about him. He's so I think one of his comedy albums had a reference to it but also we literally in our apartment had a framed picture picture of Eddie Van Halen and it was one of the things that he loved them so much that it makes you want to learn about them just because he was so you know when someone's so passionate Washington that it like oozes how not like a let me teach you about it way but it's like this thing make gives me so much happiness. I feel that I I tend to go the other way though like my wife is a nut for the grateful dead. I hate the great like with this crazy like burning white hot heat of a thousand suns and she's like you. You just gotta listen to an album and I said no. I don't know every time not even kidding you anytime that jump would come on and he of course listened to everything but anytime that jump would come on he would get excited in the car. I'm like do you have listened to the song for thirty years. How is it still so exciting to you and that is the power of inhalant for this man very kind Nice Man Power of rock. that's the name of Sun Documentary. I can have a day like whatever that days. His main is the worst I've ever had you know what man on Hoffer teacher everything's better data eight and it's making me that truest statement about they also this is hilarious and will end we'll move on but I started doing cryotherapy while we were dating and he wouldn't try it but Eddie van Halen Ghost. My cry cry. Oh plays so all of a sudden that man was in there and I think Eddie was trying to undo the years of drugging was doesn't work because look in in my opinion looks good but today we're talking about another man another old white man. It looks pretty good for his age. All Things considered yes today. We're talking about the man the mystery James Bond seems more so you know we're going to do the nitty gritty that I always start with. This is the first time the nitty gritty is very chunky like usually usually the nitty gritty we just take the kind of synopsis of the subject kind of launch us into the discussion but James Bond is hoof Salaam greedy and yeah yeah yeah so feel free to jump in commander James Bomb..

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